In the United States held a farewell ceremony with Barbara Bush

In the United States held a farewell ceremony with Barbara Bush

In the United States held a farewell ceremony with Barbara Bush


Farewell ceremony with the wife of EX-President George W. Bush-senior Barbara Bush was held on Saturday in the largest in the USA Church of the Episcopal Church in Houston, live stream leads MSNBC.


The ceremony was in the range of 1.5 thousand. Between their 1st lady USA Melania trump, ex-President bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, ex-President Barack Obama and his faithful Michelle. They sat in the front row during the service, Melania trump-near Barack Obama. The active President of the USA Donald trump wrote in the afternoon on his own Twitter, in fact that will look at the ceremony in his own residence in Florida.
George Bush Sr. sat on the other side of them in a wheelchair near his own family, in what quantity with George Bush Jr. and his wife.


Tombstones said less offspring Barbara Jeb Bush, her closest friend and faithful former US Secretary of state James Baker Susan Baker, and still Bush’s biographer-senior John Micham. They spoke about her mind, power, humor, role in the family. Not just a funny episode from their communication with Barbara Bush sounded in the day from the pulpit. Including the pastor, who was her Confessor, told a couple of situations that the audience met with laughter. But, in the end, everyone was talking about the awards and outstanding qualities of Barbara Bush.


Subsequently the ceremony, she was buried not far from the Library and Museum George Bush in Texas near the grave of her daughter Robin Bush, who died from leukemia at the age of just 3 years.
Barbara Bush appeared in new York on June 8, 1925. On the part of the founder is considered to be a distant relative of the 14th President of the USA Franklin Pierce. George W. Bush met at the age of 16 during the new year’s ball. The wedding took place in 1945. Together they lived for 73 years. As the 1st lady of the USA, Barbara Bush was engaged in promoting General literacy and founded the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy philanthropic Foundation.


Barbara and George Bush have five children, 17 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.


Her husband George W. Bush served as President of the USA in 1989-1993, and the offspring of George W. Bush was President of the USA in 2001-2009.

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