This process is a complex of measures aimed at making the website took the leading position in search engines and get target audience. To independently perform comprehensive site optimization is not possible for every owner, the task is tedious, complex, requiring professional skills. Therefore, it is better to turn to professionals.


Our company has rich experience and great portfolio. We are ready to raise the position of any site, guaranteeing an individual approach and the most modern methods.


First perform a preliminary analysis of the online customer, and then begin the optimization measures. First of all, we are talking about the semantic core. The keywords list includes the names of all types of products (services) and can reach several thousand phrases. Then enter into the work of copywriters who have been creating and modifying a text content.


Specialists in complex optimization will improve the content of the pages, adaptation of HTML-code to the requirements of search engines, changes in the structure of the site. Next, you need to carry out reciprocal link exchange with relevant resources of a similar topic. All these techniques were useful and were implemented efficiently, we will analyse the work of competitors.


After optimization, you can start monitoring and maintenance of the web site. The algorithm of search engines is constantly improving. If it does not keep track of the positions in the results are easy to lose. The first results of the promotion can be seen already after 2-3 weeks.



The price of search engine optimization in our Studio is made up of content, resources status and availability of technical errors. We know how to create sites, modification of which does not take much time, since we immediately write texts that contain sufficient for the search engines the number of keywords and phrases, well-structured resource and create working links. Using the right methods, we achieve the correct operation of the site, which only requires technical support.


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