John Stamos Biography

John Stamos Biography#2

John Phillip Stamos was born 19 August 1963, the year in California in a family of Loretta and bill (the owner of a fast food restaurant). In addition to his family had two more children – younger sister of future actor (and Aliana Janine).


John Stamos Biography


From a very early age John showed musical inclination, and the parents did not fail to give the baby up for training. The first time John picked up drumsticks when he was barely four years old.


Fourteen Stamos organized a rock band and invited her four friends. The band instantly became popular in the area and began performing concerts of local importance.


John Stamos Biography


After graduating from high school, Stamos firmly decided to focus on his career in show business.


Initially, John began to participate in various television programs and television serials and shows. In some cases, Stamos played in television movies for a considerable number of seasons. At that time, John Stamos has acquired a lot of fans who generously gave their own attention to the actor and strongly supported him.


John Stamos Biography


At the same time Stamos has been doing music in the early nineties has actively toured as a member of the popular band – as a vocalist and drummer. In addition, Stamos has appeared on Broadway, taking part in musical performances.


In fact, John’s talent was multifaceted and extremely popular. The actor and musician was often invited to various interesting events. In the 2007th year, for example, actor and musician went on a promotional tour in Australia, where John not only worked but also had time to work with local journalists, as well as productive to rest.


John Stamos Biography


Currently, Stamos continues the creative activity and is at its peak of popularity. In his plans – a lot of entertaining projects.


Personal life the actor is also diverse.


He was closely associated with a considerable number of famous women – from the world of art (including demi Moore, for example, or Paul Abdul).


In 1998, Stamos was married to Rebecca Romijin. Unfortunately, the marriage turned out to be fragile. John and Rebecca split up in March 2005.


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