Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle International Trailer #1 (2017)


Sister and brother, Judy and Peter, find themselves in the attic of an old game. At first they thought it was another boring Board game. They even wanted to throw it away. But when they threw it on the floor, a small suitcase opened. Children in wonder opened his eyes. The game was great. It was a kind of Monopoly. It adorned the inscription “Jumanji 2”. Playing cell was surrounded by a small glass eye. There were two dice in the Arsenal. The guys immediately took the opportunity to play and threw the dice. After they fell on a certain digital combination, children literally sucked into the center of the Board.


Fortunately, Judy had time to read the assignment that was written in the center. This was a kind of encrypted puzzle, which had to find the answer. They find themselves in the wild jungle. But it’s not a hedge in South America or Africa. The action seemed to occur in a parallel dimension. Suddenly a lion jumps out at them. Panicked children were already preparing for the worst. But suddenly out of the thicket a man appeared. He threw a lasso around the beast’s neck and dragged it away from his new acquaintances. It was Alan Parrish. A few years ago he got this mysterious Board and started to play it. But unlike the smart kids, he didn’t read the treasured mystery. And without an answer you cannot go back home.


A man now for several years living among wild animals. In addition to the animals, there is a hunter van pelt, merchant slick and other strange characters. When children find the answer to the riddle, they come back to the city together with Alan. But along with them in the urban jungle come residents have real jungle. Everything here is mixed in one pile. It is necessary to send back uninvited guests. But will Alan stay at home or fly there forever?

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