Klimkin intends to return Ukrainians living in Russia to their homeland

Klimkin intends to return Ukrainians living in Russia to their homeland

Klimkin intends to return Ukrainians living in Russia to their homeland


The foreign Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that Kiev wants to take the necessary steps to return home living in Russia Ukrainians.


According to his texts, the Russian side is waging war against Ukraine. At the given within 3 million Ukrainians live in the Russian Federation.
“That is, almost any twelfth Ukrainian at the moment in Russia,” — said Klimkin, the text of which leads the newspaper “UKRINFORM”.


The Ukrainian politician is sure that Kiev is obliged to make measures for correction of this history. Klimkin also added that the entry of the visa-free regime with the European Union has led to the fact that, in fact, some Ukrainian residents began to move to European countries or to go home. However, this process, as highlighted by the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, happens slowly.


“Kiev’s scowl does not contain limits”


The Director of the University of peacebuilding initiatives and conflictology Denis Denisov regarded the intention of Kiev by Ukrainians returning from Russia.
Specialist that, in fact that a similar initiative is considered to be another indicator of this, in fact that “blockhead Ukrainian chapters do not contain a borders.” He even expressed philosophy, the fact that the execution of this intention nasteleno requests a specific number of restrictive measures, however in an authentic moment measures of a similar character yet.


“The legislation is loyal to this issue. The Ukrainian side has the opportunity to do something in order to limit travel to the land of the Russian Federation. This has the opportunity to be absolutely determined in any way: as a visit to the aggressor country, for example, and the prevention of personal visits. But for millions of people in Ukraine is the only chance at least once to endure all the hardships in the criteria that made themselves adherents of the Ukrainian authorities,”-said the expert.


That Denisov, in fact that Ukrainians are obliged to go to work in foreign States in connection with a difficult financial history in Ukraine. The specialist also pointed out that subsequently the entry of the visa-free regime with the EU increased the outflow of Ukrainian migrants not only to the Russian Federation, but also to the EU States.


“The sate will be”

Russian Senator Alexei Pushkov has commented on Kiev’s plan to return Ukrainians from Russia. According to the parliamentarian, similar plans of the Ukrainian authorities are doomed to collapse.


“Kyiv is preparing to return to Ukraine 3 million Ukrainians working in Russia? An absolute utopia. What will the Kiev authorities feed them? Really actually that Poroshenko will distribute them own billion differently they will return from the Russian Federation — and immediately on the Maidan”, — the Russian parliamentarian wrote on Twitter.

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