That killed the leader of Linkin Park Chester Bennington

Lead vocalist of Linkin Park Chester Bennington committed suicide

Chester Bennington
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The frontman of one of the most popular bands in the world Linkin Park Chester Bennington found dead at his home in Los Angeles. He was 41 years old. According to the tabloids, the musician committed suicide. “” recalls Bennington and his team, who became a symbol of the generation of the 2000s.


“I’m shocked, heart broken, but it’s true. Official statement will follow as soon as we have it appears,” he wrote on Twitter a colleague of Bennington, the Linkin Park rapper Mike Shinoda.


By a strange coincidence, the death of a singer of Linkin Park came on July 20 — the birthday of Chris Cornell, frontman of Soundgarden and Audioslave, who committed suicide on may 18 of this year. Cornell and Bennington were good friends.


More grim statistics for two years this is the second deceased lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots. In December 2015, was found dead, former frontman of the band Scott Weiland. From 2013 to 2015 Bennington had taken his place in this team, honored, and admired from his youth.


The Bennington was serious and longstanding problems with drugs, and probably Shinoda knows more than the people. For the fans and just watching the music, with all the number of deaths of musicians over the last fifteen years, care Bennington — handsome girls ‘ favorite, shape, albeit pathetic, but not tragic — was really shocking.


JAY-Z, Paul McCartney and Chester Bennington at the ceremony "Grammy", 2006

JAY-Z, Paul McCartney and Chester Bennington at the ceremony “Grammy”, 2006
Photo: Lucy Nicholson / Reuters


Linkin Park was one of the most commercially successful bands of the 2000s — in an era when alternative music became mainstream. They brought nu-metal to a state close to pop music. They had a lot of haters, but wildly loyal fan base is still several times more. For the generation of the 2000s, Linkin Park — a symbol, even if someone wasn’t listening and didn’t like. They were everywhere, from the song Numb it was impossible to hide anywhere.


In the 2010s the situation around the team not raged so fiercely, but the band had regularly released albums, and was regularly accused in the fact that the musicians scribbled, utterly oopsla and so on. In may came the last, the seventh album of the group — One More Light. Discussing this work, peaceful Bennington lost his temper and threatened “to fill a muzzle” critics and detractors.


Returning to strange coincidences — the album was released the next day after the death of Chris Cornell.


Chester Bennington was born on March 20 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona, in the family of a police detective. He was 11 years old when my parents divorced and it pretty much affected him. As a teenager he started drinking and doing all drugs that you could get.


At 17 he began to sing in a local band Sean Dowdell and His Friends, but this team was bad. Chester found another band — Grey Daze and recorded with him three albums in the second half of the 1990s. the Result did not suit him, and he was already thinking about to quit music.


Bennington with his wife and six children

Bennington with his wife and six children
Photo: David Longendyke / Everett Collection / East News


But suddenly, he was lucky: producer Jeff blue, who worked with Macy gray and Limp Bizkit appreciated vocalist for Grey Daze and brought him to a promising young Los Angeles band Xero. Bennington became friends with Mike Shinodas and other members of Xero, and the team after some time changed its name to Linkin Park. Jeff blue has helped with contract: your debut album Hybryd Theory, the band released not just anywhere, but on the record label giant Warner Bros.


Listeners did not have long to prove your talent — the first album became multi-platinum in many countries and diamond (10 million copies) in their homeland.


Unsettled from the addict and the worker “Burger king” Chester Bennington at the age of 23 became a superstar and a millionaire, owns the minds of millions of teenagers. But this successful, and according to some, the “pop” man, the father of a numerous family continued to live on the edge of a precipice, from which he was never able to save.


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