Media reported on the development of conditions for the preservation of the Iranian nuclear deal

Media reported on the development of conditions for the preservation of the Iranian nuclear deal

Media reported on the development of conditions for the preservation of the Iranian nuclear deal


USA agreed with the European members of the ” six ” on Iran (Britain, France and Germany) the circumstances on which will remain in the agreement on the Iranian atom, according to the German Sueddeutsche Zeitung.


The USA and the European Troika (Britain, France, Germany) made a group in January to work out a subsidiary agreement to deal with Iran. This work started when the President of the USA Donald trump in another extended the regime of selective lifting of punishments in front of Iran, but said that actually prepares it for the final time. Trump has repeatedly expressed outrage at the prisoner in the summer of 2015 in the deal and threatened to expire from it, in case if the contract will not work “fix”. As a deadline, he called on may 12, when he needed to become another one to extend the regime of lifting punishments.
“Germany, France and England together with the USA have worked out the circumstances on which President Donald trump will not withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal. European and South American negotiators subsequently agreed in five rounds that Iran is in the footsteps of fresh punishments because of its missile tests and brutal regional politicians. But the nuclear conspiracy will remain intact, but some of its parts will be interpreted in a new way,” the publication reports.


In this newspaper is negotiated with reference to its own diplomatic informants, in fact that the negotiations are not yet over, and the South American side warns, in fact that the last text of President Donald trump is not able to foreshadow.


“However, the European side has agreed on its own red line: if trump gets out of the Iranian deal without taking into account the position of the Europeans, they will finish following in the footsteps of the USA in this matter,” — continues the German edition with reference to informants.


The Treaty between the “European Troika” and the USA is divided into 4 parts that meet trump’s main complaints: the expiration date of the Iranian deal, the control abilities of IAEA inspectors, the Iranian missile program and the Iranian influence in the area (Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon), Sueddeutsche reports. Prior to that, it was decided not to take Iran’s right to a military nuclear program, including subsequently the expiration of the agreement, the newspaper reports. In this context, the creators of the us-European document point to the preamble of the nuclear deal, where Iran renounces nuclear weapons.


On July 14, 2015, Iran and the six international mediators (Russia, the USA, England, China, France, Germany) reached a historic agreement on the settlement of the long-standing difficulty of the Iranian atom: a Cooperative all-inclusive project of actions was adopted, the implementation of which removes from Iran the financial and monetary penalties imposed earlier by the UN security Council, the USA and the European Union.

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