Media: trump’s advisers consider the DPRK’s refusal of nuclear tests a ” trap”

Media: trump's advisers consider the DPRK's refusal of nuclear tests a " trap"

Media: trump's advisers consider the DPRK's refusal of nuclear tests a " trap"


Advisers to the President of the USA Donald trump are skeptical about the refusal of the DPRK from subsequent nuclear and missile tests and consider Pyongyang’s obligations as a “trap”, reports the Washington Post.


According to the publication, the President’s advisors are afraid, actually the favorite of the DPRK has decided to provide a “relatively modest promises” that he may promptly arrest ago. According to their opinion, Kim Jong-UN wants to “make an illusion” such that he is “reasonable” and ready to compromise. Thanks to this USA in the future it will become more difficult to renounce the claims of the DPRK, according to trump’s advisers.


Some of them assess Kim Jong-UN’s claim as an attempt to force the USA and their supporters to mitigate financial penalties against Pyongyang.


On Saturday, the DPRK announced a fresh strategic direction, refusing further nuclear and missile tests in order to concentrate on the development of the state’s economy. According to the regulations on 20 April in Pyongyang Plenum of the Central Committee of the Worker party of Korea (WPK), 21st April-Pyongyang halts all nuclear test and launches of Intercontinental ballistic missiles. For this will be covered nuclear test site in the North of the state. Most of the DPRK joins international efforts all-embracing halt nuclear testing, as it takes a necessary part of the mass of nuclear disarmament.


The DPRK’s recent direction was adopted by the party in anticipation of the summit with South Korea scheduled for April 27, and the subsequent meeting of Kim Jong-UN with the President of the USA Donald trump. Previously, snow-White housing reported that the summit of the 2 favorites will be held in may or early June.

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