Media: us senators want to block the supply of Turkey F-35

Media: us senators want to block the supply of Turkey F-35

Media: us senators want to block the supply of Turkey F-35



A group of senators, among whom Republicans and Democrats, want to block Turkey’s supply of fresh f-35 fighters because of the decision in Turkey South American pastor Andrew Branson.


The bill was introduced by senators James Lankford, Jeanine Shaheen, Tom Tillison.


Within the framework of the multinational program for the development of 5th generation fighters under the aegis of the USA, Turkey has committed itself to purchase 116 f-35S.


As the Senator said, Lankford, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan “shun the rule of law”, and in consequence the supply of sensitive technology to the government “very risky”.


“Turkey’s strategic conclusions, unfortunately, are increasingly falling out of part and at times contradict the interests of the United States,” — said in a statement posted by the Senator. “Apart from this, the Turkish government continues to converge more and more with the Russian Federation, while they keep an innocent South American pastor in a cell in order to use him as a pawn in political negotiations,” Lenkford added.


Tillis, in their own turn, which, in fact Turkey “undermines the business between the 2 countries.”


At this earlier assistant Secretary of state Wess Mitchell said, in fact, that the acquisition by Ankara of the s-400 SAM from the Russian Federation has the opportunity to adversely affect the supply to Turkey F-35.


The Turkish authorities accused the opposition Islamic preacher Fethullah gülen of involvement in the coup attempt on the night of July 16, 2016. Gülen himself said about his own non-participation and condemned the rebellion, but the Turkish authorities have urged the US, where the opposition preacher lives, to extradite him. Turkey subsequently riot were detained within 50 thousand people out of work or suspended from duty in the range of 140 thousand officials.


Between the detainees was Evangelical pastor Branson, which is held by the Turkish authorities since October 2016. In may 2017, the President of the USA Donald trump at a meeting with the President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan asked to release Branson, and in September Erdogan made an offer to the USA to issue gülen in exchange for Branson.


Earlier, the Turkish Prosecutor’s office urged Branson to make an indefinite decision due to the fact that the pastor, according to her version, in contact with the Imam of the Gulen organization FETO Bekir baz and received funds because of the border, on which he conducted subversive work.


Branson himself, who has been living in Turkey for 25 years, denies these accusations. He said in court that he “prefers Turkey and prays for it”.

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