Methods of internal and external site optimization.

Methods of internal and external site optimization.

Methods of internal and external site optimization.

Today it is possible to observe that the modern world of information technologies forces businessmen to pay more and more attention to open spaces of the Internet. The Internet is becoming quite an effective tool of marketing policy. The world wide web can provide opportunities to search for potential customers for business, and one of the main tools for their attraction is the company’s website.


Creating your own website is only part of the work to attract customers for business. However, the main task for entrepreneurs in this case can be the search for potential customers, because the newly created site will not go to any visitor, if it will not be on the Internet any links or its address will not be known in advance to potential customers.


Based on the analysis of the scientific literature on marketing, psychology, advertising and PR, their adaptation to modern network realities in Russia and their own experience in promoting sites can be described below ways to promote the site in the network through internal and external optimization, as well as some other PR-strategies aimed at increasing the number of customers.


You can find some similarities between business on the Internet and competition in the promotion of tangible goods and services in the service sector. The uniqueness of goods and services can give an advantage in competition. Therefore, before entering the competitive market, it is necessary to determine the directions of promotion, which services or goods it will focus primarily on and what opportunities of the global network can be used as the most effective.


The main direction of website promotion in the network can be its promotion in search engines. However, before you start promotion, you can recommend to perform a number of works to prepare the site for promotion. These works will be called internal site optimization.


Methods Of internal site optimization:


1. Code optimization. This work may consist in simplifying the code, scripts run on the site, optimizing images and some design elements. In this paragraph, the main goal will be to obtain quick performance of the site and its parts separately.


2. Content optimization. It, as well as in the previous paragraph, you can enable image optimization, but taking into account seo-methods (SEO – Search Engine Optimization, ie, site optimization for search engines). This paragraph also includes seo-text optimization – a kind of adaptation of each page for a specific request or requests, depending on the strategy of promotion.


3. Creating user-friendly navigation and graphical interface of the site. The user-friendly interface of the site and the ease of searching for information can be considered valuable allies in terms of attracting customers. With the same advertising budget and similar customer promotion strategy, visitors can be more on the site where the degree of convenience of working with the interface of the site is higher.


4. Creating a semantic kernel. This concept can enable selection of the most important key words for promotion in search engines, composing the descriptions (description) for each page etc.


5. Internal linking of the website. This stage can be quite important. It may be noted that in practice some specialists may ignore it or perform it incorrectly (chaotically). Due to the correct internal re-linking can improve not only the usability of the site interface, but also increase the position of the site in the Google search engine.


As you can see in practice, Google has its own indicator of the value of the page-PR, and it plays an important role in the results of the search engine. It is possible to carry out the following interrelation: the more this indicator, the higher the site in search (certainly in total with other methods of promotion).


This work can strongly recommend to perform together. In practice, you can notice the following pattern: if you separate part of at least one of the points of internal resource optimization, the promotion of the site may not lead to an increase in the performance of the resource and its popularity, and therefore, the number of customers may be less.


The next step of website promotion can act as external optimization. This concept can be more multifaceted in comparison with internal optimization, and its features and methods can constantly change. This may be due to the fact that search engines are constantly updating their search algorithms and relevance of the issue, which can also make you look for new ways to promote.



Types of external site optimization:


1. Site registration in search engines. As the main search engines that took the Russian market can be considered the most popular on the basis of a cursory analysis of the market in order to reduce the popularity of Yandex, Google, Mail, Bing. In Ukraine, Google search engine may be more common, and Yandex may take The second place. Nevertheless, to register the site can be offered in all systems, but the promotion strategy can be recommended to count for a certain region and target audience.


2. Site registration in catalogs. This approach may be a bit of an outdated way to promote the site, although it may still be used to some extent. Newcomers who have just embarked on the path of seo-optimizers and promotion specialists can sometimes even consider this method to be the main one.


For a positive result of the promotion, it is possible to recommend registering the site only in trust catalogs with high attendance and open external links (without tags noindex and nofollow). It is also desirable that these sites are directories themselves were presented in the most popular directories Runet – Yandex directory and Dmoz. For the promoted site, the top of the promotion on this item may be getting into these directories.


3. Competent use of anchors to the site at its registration in catalogs of sites, as well as in articles and other different systems. Right semantic core and the skillful use of anchors can allow you to increase the visibility of a website for low and mid-frequency queries.


4. Preparation of advertising reviews and their subsequent placement on highly visited sites (thematic or media sites, websites of Newspapers, magazines, etc.). With the correct submission can be considered PR-method of promotion, because the return may not go to the site, and to form an opinion about the product. In addition to writing a proper advertising review, you may need to search for and publish articles on sites of this level.


5. Website promotion articles. In this case, you can recommend to write an seo-article, sharpened under a certain target request, and then, for a fee, publish it on close-by sites. This method can be the most effective way to promote today because it is consistent with the price-quality ratio.


6. The use of social-media advertising. Advertising in social networks, blogs and forums, organized with feedback to the consumer can be a good source of getting customers, and with the correct and timely support of feedback can become the main.


7. Advertising of goods and services in specialized services (Yandex.Market, etc.). The audience coverage here may be small, but more targeted with a smaller percentage of audience spread (by region, age, etc.). Such services can act as a kind of announcement of the company, when the visitor has not yet moved to the site. These services often include contact details of the company, so that customers can place an order without going to the main site.


8. Buying links and traffic. Under the purchase links here meaning the purchase of individual seats on third party websites (articles or something), not contextual advertising. The traffic can be recommended not to the main website (as sanctions may be applied on it), but to specially created advertising pages.


It can be noted that the search engine website promotion may not be possible without additional advertising costs and each entrepreneur can be recommended to consider it. The spread of prices for promotion among leading companies and specialists at the moment can be quite large. However, in this area it is not always possible to obtain guarantees for the services provided, this may be due primarily to the fact that the exact ranking algorithms pages on the Internet search engines can be hidden.


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