Methods of website optimization

Methods of website optimization

Search engine optimization methods.
Optimization of the Internet site.

The term search engine optimization comes from the English “search engines optimization” — “optimization for search engines.” This direction in recent years is increasingly developed in Runet and is one of the main and most effective methods responsible for the success of any Internet project.


Search engine optimization is to create pages whose IDs are designed to be read by search engines. If the site pages are optimized by the correct methods, the search engine puts them in its database so that when a user asks for keywords, the site will get to the top of the list of search results, ie, the probability of visiting the site by the user is very high. On the contrary, if the optimization is not carried out, the rating of the site on the search results will be low (for example, in the third hundred), ie. the user will probably not search for such a site, and will use the resources at the top of the list. There are also extreme cases when the search engine robot is not able to read a web page at all. Then the site does not get into the results of the search engine, and the probability that visitors will be able to find it someday will be very small.


The goal of site optimization is to increase the position of the site in the results of search engines. But the methods of achieving this goal are different.


White website optimization.

The essence is to work with the content and structure of the site in order to make it more convenient for visitors and available for indexing search engines.


Techniques-correcting errors in site navigation, editing the program code of pages, building content, placing links to thematic resources.


Effect: stable high position in the search engines.


Correcting errors in the navigation of the site and editing program code — is working on internal factors of the site, affecting both the convenience of the site for users and its” friendliness ” in relation to the robots of search engines.


Content build-up-adding new pages containing useful information for the target visitors.


Placement of links on thematic resources differs from chaotic exchange of links that links are published only on the websites which visitors can really be interested in the information placed on pages of your website.


The use of” white ” optimization, as a rule, leads not only to an increase in the site in the first positions, but also to an increase in visitors to the site several dozen times.



Methods of website optimization

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