Oh this vlog

Oh this vlog

Video blog. Perhaps, not only the deaf hear the term. Young people spend watching vlogging on YouTube the same watch, what used to be spent watching TV, and even more.


Video blog – the concept is ambiguous and loose. It appeared in 1994 and look at how big the trend has become now! Help people recognize, they are invited as thought leaders, they do remarkably well.
These trends appear due to another trend – storytelling. If skillfully and beautifully to tell the real, true story, you techno will not go unnoticed.


In back in 2007 to become a popular it works, just had to tell the truth, to be closer to their audience, a little joke and have the Internet at home enough to upload this creation on public display. Now the multimillion Internet audience requests, to put it mildly, a bit higher.


A self-filmed and assembled at home things look nicer and more interesting than some TV shows. There is demand – there is proposal. Now this curve is so elevated that no matter how talent you are, without quality pictures and good sound is not enough.
What videoproduction can help the nuggets, who decided to become a works?


• 1.Behind every successful project is an IDEA. If you do not, then we’ll make some (more than one), write and throw.
• 2.As we have said, the quality. We have everything in order to shoot amazing video from which a viewer’s eyes will definitely be high, and the fingers to press the coveted “likes”.
Consider the needs of the genre:
• – Lifestyle – story, the events in his life, where was that found out. In the frame there is practically no movement. Roughly speaking, he sat down and wrote.
Choose a room, put the light, will write the script. Review.
• Overview videoblogging may present themselves as a review of the Burger, bought in the nearest fast-food cafe, and a review of the new movie.
Room, light, two cameras, text, teleprompter, make-up. All will find.
• “Stand-up”— a solo Comedy performance in front of a live audience, one of the genres of entertainment. Often, these statements are special Comedy clubs. In the repertoire of stand – up help, as a rule, included original monologues, short jokes and improvisation with the audience. All this action on camera and post it on the Internet.
Can not only shoot and fun to assemble, but also to conduct a live broadcast.
• Fitness blog. Being a professional fitness coaches.
Go into the room, rolling on the floor in search of a positive angle, if necessary, intervuiran. By the way, we are compact enough guys to disturb the class will not.
• Travelblog – shooting travel, interesting, beautiful places with comments, jokes, sketches.
Run out of ideas of jokes? Yes we can do this. I want to show the local beauty? Yes, the copter start.
And here is our selection of the most desired hacking for the blog:
• Genre of the blog-not a framework and not a panacea. The main thing – idea, charisma and installation.
• Select the main idea and formulate it good.
• Move in the frame. Fill him with emotion, movement and gestures. Be alive.
• Titerite. Hint about what will happen in your video, but don’t confuse a teaser with a spoiler.
• Video blog is storytelling, which has its logical structure. Do not be lazy. Distribute the script.
• The main idea must pass a red thread through the entire speech.


Oh this vlog

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