Optimization of the Internet site. Search engine optimization of the website.

Search engine optimization of the Internet site. Optimization of the Internet site.

Search engine optimization of the Internet site. Optimization of the Internet site.

Search engine optimization is necessary for getting maximum traffic from search engines. In fact search engine optimization is the way of promotion of sites.




1. Provides targeted visitors from the search engines;


2. Has long lasting effect (the advertising campaign of a stream of visitors stops at the end of the funding);


3. In alone search engine optimization requires little money;


4. Accessibility to optimize yourself;


Each task of the optimizer is getting on the first page for selected keyword phrase in a search result. Website promotion in search engines consists of the following:


1. Web page optimization of the website structure:


That is as designed Your website, its sections, how to navigate between sections and pages of the site. In other words, the navigation through Your site should be as easy as possible. When the optimization page is the main text try to place closer to the top of the page. As the site structure, the page also try to make more simple. The less it unnecessary information, the better it is indexed.


2. Selection of key words and phrases:


You need to know in advance what queries Your website can be found by search engines. Under each keyword or phrase, make a separate page and optimize it under the given request. Key words can be found on the statistics page of the search engine:


— the Most adequate, shows the actual number of queries for this keyword.


http://wordstat.yandex.ru/ — There is a display of associations, that is, if You have problems in choosing the right key words in yandex can find. You just have to pick suitable and to make keywords for the pages corresponding topics of the site. This work is very important, and the quality of its implementation will depend on the outcome.


3. Text optimisation:


Optimization of the text is the correct arrangement of keywords on Your website pages. Keywords should appear in meta tags title, keywords, description and headers h1….h6 You use on the page.


4. Work on external factors


These include directory sites, message boards, selling and buying links. Work on external links when search engine optimization requires expertise and is very slippery and delicate process. Here is a very high probability to hurt Your website than help. However there is a way when Your website is referenced by other, is the creation of interesting and popular articles, videos, audio file, software when automatically when you publish a link to Your website. When you publish an article it depends on the integrity of the resource owner. Make yourself useful to people in gratitude put a link to Your website.


5. Monitoring website traffic:


After the internal factors of the week three or four into Your website will receive the first visitors from search engines. Up to this point the site should be installed counter fixing statistics which interests You which keywords drive traffic to Your site if they conform to the theme of Your site. If statistics do not exist for more than a month thematic queries which You promote a site, you need to find the cause and fix it, and the need for this monitoring site. If the visitors began to pace the queries corresponding to the topic of Your website, you need to check what page in the search result is the site upon request which provided visitors. If the site is located on the 3rd or 4th page of search, to raise it to the first page add some external links to the page that brought visitors from search engine. When search engine optimization is necessary not only to know what to do, how, how much, and in what sequence.


SEO optimization: how to choose key phrases.


In modern, I’m not afraid of this word, fierce competition sites properly organized SEO optimization is valued literally worth its weight in gold. And a reasonable selection of key words is not the last value.


To the website was on the first lines of search engines, it needs to be promoted. For this it is necessary to correctly choose key phrases or key, that is, those words and expressions by which the search engine will stop on your website and then “promote” him to a leadership position. Therefore, experienced web-masters approach this issue very seriously.


At the initial stage, we study the demand, that is, it turns out the frequency asked question on a given topic. Compiled the initial list of requests, he subsequently edited based on the demand of each of them among the masses. He then supplemented. For this purpose, the associative or related queries. For example, “construction” — “bath hands” — “the bar” and so on.


Among the Runet users the most popular search engines are Google, Yandex and Rambler, therefore target your SEO optimization should take place on these systems.


Properly formulated search query is always to promote website. You should regularly review the statistics of the requests and gauge the competitiveness, based on her data, make a more accurate list of keys, which will move the site. To remove and replace the expressions, which are rare. It is very important that the selected search phrase was properly optimized to the internal content of each page.


Links to the site must contain key phrase, it is necessary to carry out the registration in catalogs and social bookmarks. Therefore, in the name of the page should be key phrase. Based on all the foregoing, let’s sum up: treat the selection of key words very carefully in order not to remain on the “side” of online life.
You are interested in and headache the following questions:
—— How to promote a website and why you need to start promoting?
— How to get more number of visitors?
—— Can I promote a website without money?
—— Can I promote a website do not understand this?
It is not surprising, but all these questions have answers, or rather one, the Site can effectively spin and progress through contact.


Kontekt is information. All that can be presented on the pages of Your website. The content is in the formats of video, audio, text document, etc. Creating unique and quality content and exposing it on your website You don’t pay a penny. Moreover, the more content, the more visitors on the website.


Here only one “but”. Nobody knows and there is no such formula to determine the quality of the content. One reader loved it, another not. How many people, so many opinions. Most importantly write the content yourself, it will give it personality. Write interesting content that readers want to come back to You and relied on Your resources. Check written text for spelling errors. Learn, learn other people’s materials, and eventually will be creating amazing and useful content.


How content attracts visitors to your website?


1. Creating a website You fill it with content.


2. Then You try to spin it, then the site anyway, sooner or later fall in the index of search engines. And for the fastest promotion in search engines need not sit idly by, and to do something ( add website to search engines, register in directories, social bookmarks).


3. After some time the website will come visitors from search engines for various queries used in the text of Your pages.


4. With the increase of the amount of content increases and the number of visitors to Your website.


5. Provided the quality content You start to refer visitors and create links to Your website. So the project will rise in the search results and bring more visitors.


The reasons for the failure in optimization and site promotion:


1. The Creator of the project does not focus on the quality of the content. That is the website about everything or about nothing.


2. The project’s Creator does not think about visitors, and creates a site for themselves.


3. The Creator of the project before giving in.

Seeing as the site was stuck on 1-10 visitors to stop all work on SEO and adding content, disappointed in his project. At this point it is necessary on the contrary to do everything possible for the promotion and promotion of your project.


Methods of effective promotion and website optimization without investments. 1. Optimization with content. 2. Search engine optimization. Differentiate one method from another:


For optimization with content You never block, in contrast to search engine optimization. In the optimization using the content You create high-quality material. When search engine optimization you need to insert keywords, sometimes sacrificing quality, changing the text and losing the meaning of the content. The conclusions suggest themselves.

Optimization and website promotion for use-based optimization with content. Search engine optimization use for faster results. Using both optimizations at the same time, applying search engine optimization, but without losing the quality of content in the future will lead to the fact that Your project will live long. Make it a rule to provide its visitors with quality and quantity.



Search engine optimization of the Internet site. Optimization of the Internet site.

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