Pashinyan will discuss with political forces, the timing of early elections

Pashinyan will discuss with political forces, the timing of early elections

Pashinyan will discuss with political forces, the timing of early elections


Nikol Pashinyan, a favorite of disobedience in Armenia, said that he would like to hold early parliamentary elections in the direction of 2 months, but as a result of consultations with other political forces, these terms have all chances to be pushed back.


“We believe that the elections should be held in the direction of 2 months. These terms have all chances to be some push on results of political consultations. Various adherents of the political spectrum believe that they need time to prepare for this event in order to ensure equal criteria,” Pashinyan told reporters on Sunday.


He, in fact before the election, will be corrected in the electoral code.


Promotions in front of the election of former President Serzh Sargsyan as Armenia’s Prime Minister started on April 13. The opposition blames Sargsyan, who was twice elected President, for poor governance and a shift to a worse financial history in the country; on April 17, the opposition announced the beginning of the “velvet revolution”. Ignoring the protests, the Armenian Parliament elected Sargsyan head of the Cabinet of Ministers on the same day. Less than a week later, on April 23, Sargsyan resigned amid ongoing promotions of disobedience. Previously, the configuration of the power entered into the Constitution of Armenia, according to which the most extensive opportunities will be to own the premiere screenings.


Subsequently, the refusal of all factions of the Armenian Parliament, not counting the Elk (Exodus) faction led by Pashinyan, to nominate candidates for the post of Prime Minister, became a single candidate. However, the opposition needs 53 votes out of 105 to be elected. Then, for it must vote not only of the faction “EFC” block “prosperous Armenia” and “Dashnaktsutiun”, but the proportion of deputies of the ruling Republican party of Armenia.


The issue of the election of the Armenian Parliament’s premiere will be examined on may 1. The Republican party in the national Assembly with 58 mandates, the bloc “prosperous Armenia” — 31, Pashinyan-led faction of the “EFC” (Exodus) — 9, from the former coalition party “Dashnaktsutiun” — 7.

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