Pokemon GO 0.79.3

Pokemon GO 0.79.3

Pokemon GO 0.79.3

Pokemon GO is a game where you can catch pokemon in real life using your smartphone. Explore your city streets, in search of pokemon and PokeStop — locations where you can get extra items. Found pokémon you can catch a simple swipe-gesture, starting in a pokebol.


After reaching level 5, which you can fill with catching pokemon and collecting items, players open gyms PokeGym. They can train their pokémon to arrange fights between animals. The pokemon that wins all PokeGym, will lead this training room and will paint it in the colors of your team. By the way, in Pokemon GO to play for one of three teams: blue, red and yellow. Each pokemon can be pumped by evolution.


Can not wait when will the Pokemon Go in Russia, release date to be announced, but download Pokemon and play can now. Russian language is not supported yet.

Common mistakes and problems Pokemon GO:

Quickly drains the battery: you need to activate “Battery Saver” in the game settings. Also, turn off AR during catching pokemon. Even reduce the screen brightness or use automatic adjustment.

When catching the camera, but the pokemon does not appear. Most likely, your smart phone doesn’t have gyroscope. You need to turn off the AR when fishing.
Failed to detect location: go to Settings → developer Tools. Here you should find the item “Use mock location”. It needs to be disabled.
Caught pokémon, but the game was frozen: you need to wait 10 seconds. After that, click on all the dots on the screen. Restart Pokemon Go — the pokemon must remain in the backpack.

How to play the Pokemon GO in the Crimea: you can use the application Psiphon or any other VPN software or spoofing the IP. You can also get the SIM card MTS Krasnodar region. She has a mainland IP.

How to play with 512 MB RAM: required root access and the program Gltools in which you need to reduce the texture quality to 0.25 x.
“Our Servers Are Humbled By Your Incredible Response”: the game server is either overloaded or they are. Wait a few hours and try to login again.

Version history:

In the update to 0.29.2 added support for preview versions of Android 7.0. Also now works on Intel x86 (ASUS ZenFone, etc.).

Update 0.29.3 brought “minor changes in the text”.

Update 0.31: removed radar, added a more convenient menu to exchange pokemon for candy, modified animations and combat features many pokemon, many bugs fixed.

The 0.33 update: warning about the game behind the wheel, fixed bugs getting pokebola, the added radar in the grass, fixed the achievements-added the possibility to change the nickname after registration, the visual effects for the leaders of the three teams.

The 0.37 update: pokemon partner, improved the design of the pokédex, fixed animations, fixed bugs when switching networks, support Pokemon GO Plus, protection against root and jailbreak.

Attention! The use of a modified version for older devices can lead to blocking of your account.

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