Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO first and the best game in the franchise Pokemon is now available for Android devices. Thanks to the efforts of the company Niantic — game developer Ingress — the world saw a great game that combines all the magic of Nintendo classics and the best ideas very first part. As a result, we got a fascinating adventure in which we have to leave our familiar places and go out to become a real pokémon trainer.


If you ever played Ingress, you will immediately understand what you need to do and what the essence of the game Pokemon GO. But even if you’ve never played Ingress, you still will have no difficulty in this game. In fact, the game turns your city into a huge game world, with which you will constantly interact. Thanks to the geolocation feature on an Android device, your game character will move wherever you — so to catch a pokemon, you will need to leave the house.


You are near a beach or river? It’s best to check all around and maybe you’ll find a water pokemon. Want to enrich your collection of grass pokemon? Maybe it’s time to go on a picnic! Similarly, if you visit pokescope (PokeStops), which are usually located in interesting places such as museums, art galleries, historical places, you will be able to find new items. In poketopia you can also buy pokebola and replenish your stocks before you face your competitors for catching and training pokemon.


Pokemon GO is an excellent RPG-game for Android, which will inspire you to new discoveries. She’s wonderful in all senses. The game is well optimized, has an attractive interface and fantastic graphics. And most importantly — thousands of pokémon on the streets of your city expect you to have caught them and began to train!

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