Polaroid Trailer #1 (2017)


Polaroid Trailer #1 (2017)

Two girlfriends, exploring the attic of an old house, find there an old camera once a popular brand Polaroid. Young women living in a modern metropolis rare find brings back many pleasant memories from my childhood. Many years ago, young parents then loved to take instant photos of various family scenes, using a similar device. Inspired by friends decide to use the opportunity to suddenly turn up to make a few exclusive, memorable photos at the upcoming party. They suggest how old-fashioned wonder will surprise friends invited to a fun event. Looking forward to having fun, the girls look forward to nightfall, unaware of the approaching trouble.


Frivolous teenagers could not assume that all people, who has lived on the ill-fated film, soon to lose his life. On the ill-fated Polaroid imposed a terrible curse, which starts when using a diabolical device. He produces in the real world otherworldly forces seeking to destroy all reflected in the pictures. Girlfriends find out the terrible properties of the camera and take all possible measures to eliminate the deadly threat to all potential victims who remain unharmed at the moment. You need to solve the principle of the spells in the near future, otherwise no one is safe from sudden death. The girls re-visit the dusty attic, perhaps there are hidden answers to important questions that will allow you to stop unwittingly launched their deadly mechanism.

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