Politekspert and a leading with character Sean Hannity

Politekspert and a leading with character Sean Hannity #2

Hannity is the presenter of the talk show’ the Sean Hannity Show’, which is listened to by millions, and the news show’ Hannity ‘on’Fox News’. According to the Washington Post, Hannity ‘constantly takes on subjects that turn out to be inaccurate’ and takes positions that are eventually abandoned in favor of others. In 2017, the magazine ‘Forbes’ said that the annual income of Hannity amounted to $36 million.


Sean Patrick Hannity, the youngest of four children in the family, was born in new York (NYC, New York), December 30, 1961. His mother Lillian was a stenographer and proofreader at the County jail, and father Hugh was an officer in the family court.


Politekspert and a leading with character Sean Hannity


Sean attended the Seminary of the sacred Heart in Hempstead (NY), and then the Preparatory Seminary of St. Pius in Uniondale (NY). Hannity has studied at new York University and Adelphi University, but dropped out of both.



Shaun became the host of his first radio show in 1989, when he volunteered as a General contractor at THE kcsb-FM station at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The transmission lasted in the air for about 40 hours. ‘I wasn’t very good. I was terrible, ‘ says Hannity about that time.


Politekspert and a leading with character Sean Hannity


Show on KCSB was shut down after lighting the book by Gene Antonio (Antonio Gene) ‘The AIDS Coverup: The Real and Alarming Facts about AIDS’ (literally. ‘Concealment of AIDS: real and alarming facts about AIDS’). Another questionable point in the radio show was voiced by the presenter of the phrase’ I’m sorry for your child ‘ to lesbians.


The University Board abandoned the radio show after a defensive campaign was organized on behalf of Hannity, led by the American civil liberties Union in Santa Barbara. The campaign claimed that KCSB violated Shawn’s rights to the first amendment to the US Constitution. The station didn’t want to apologize to Hannity and give him more airtime.


Politekspert and a leading with character Sean Hannity


When he was young, he called AIDS “gay disease” and claimed that the media conceal important information about the disease from the public. In one of his broadcasts, he said, ‘All those of you who listen to this show and think that homosexuality is a normal lifestyle have been brainwashed… these are the most disgusting people’


Shawn also ‘ narrated ‘a spokesman for the anti-gay movement to say that AIDS spreads when homosexuals eat each other’s feces, and that homosexuality is’a negligible form of behavior’. This same guest Hannity compared the intimate life of gay men with ‘playing in the sewer’ and assured that the LGBT community ‘is filled with hatred and intolerance’.


Politekspert and a leading with character Sean Hannity

In 2017, Hannity stated that he regrets his early comments to the LGBT community and called the previous judgments ‘ignorant and shameful’.


Politekspert and a leading with character Sean Hannity


Leaving the radio station KCSB, Sean served ads, where they talked about themselves as ‘about the most discussed student radio host in America’. Radio station WVNN in Athens, al (Athens, Alabama), hired Hannity as a leading daytime talk show. In 1992, Sean moved to WGST in Atlanta( Atlanta), where he took the place of Neal Boortz (Neal Boortz).


In September 1996, the co-founder of ‘Fox News’ Roger Ailes (Roger Ailes) hired then little-known Sean, who began to conduct a TV show under the working title (‘Hannity and LTBD’). Another presenter of the program, which became known as ‘Hannity & Colmes’, was appointed Alan Colmes (Alan Colmes).


Hannity left WGST in 1997 and moved to new York city, where he liked the WABC radio station, which offered him to go on the air late in the evening. Further, from January 1998 to the end of 2013, Sean switched to daytime broadcasting. Since 2004, Hannity has remained on the WOR in new York city (NYC) for 15 to 18 hours.


Hannity has been criticized for spreading the ideas of birtherism movement in the US, questioning the fact that the 44th President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) is a native of the United States. The host repeatedly called on Obama to show his birth certificate.


Sean also put forward controversial claims regarding the falsification of voting results in the 2016 elections and various conspiracy theories.


Hannity was criticized for his excessive support for presidential candidate from the Republican party Donald trump (Donald Trump). Sean put forward the idea of ‘deep state’, which he called ‘Shadow Government’. According to him, there is a so-called network of government officials working to prevent the trump government.


In 2016, Sean wholeheartedly defended producer Roger Ailes, who was accused of sexual harassment by several women. In may 2017, the host paid tribute to Ailes after His death. He called Roger’ second father ‘and promised’ enemies ‘of the producer’to kick his ass in the next life’.


In September 2017, a few months after his dismissal from ‘Fox News’ bill O’reilly (Bill o’reilly), accused of sexual harassment, Hannity invited him to his show. Some employees of ‘Fox News’ criticized Sean for his decision.


In an interview with O’reilly, o’reilly broke up liberal monitoring groups and said that he should have persisted in the struggle when these groups sent their agents to him. Later, Hannity said that during an interview with O’reilly realized how close he was, because ‘felt that he and O’reilly were victims of liberals who want to shut them up’.


In October 2017, Sean was criticized when he booed the Democrats, after it became clear that several women accused Harvey Weinstein, a prominent Hollywood producer and someone who donated a lot of money to the Democrats, of sexual harassment. Critics pointed out that Hannity behaved differently a week ago and stood by the mountain for his colleague O’reilly, accused of the same.


Sean’s been married to Jill Rhodes since 1993. The couple has three children. In 2014 the presenter stated that virtually no part with the weapon since then, as I became an adult.

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