Protests in Armenia: dialogue fails

Protests in Armenia: dialogue fails

Protests in Armenia: dialogue fails


Another promotion of disobedience carried out in Yerevan and cities of Armenia in front of the elected Prime Minister of ex-President Serzh Sargsyan, as in past days was accompanied by the blocking of roads, small skirmishes and a police record.


Opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan, a favorite of the movement, began the protest day from the back of the main city, nor-Nork region, having passed to the Central square of the Republic within 10 km.the Police tried to prevent the March in the beginning, but later agreed with the protesters.


An important event of the day was the meeting of Armenian President Armen Sargsyan and Pashinyan in the Republic square, surrounded by thousands of demonstrators.


Protests in Armenia: dialogue fails


“Condition” is a favorite of the opposition

Pashinyan said earlier that he is ready to carry out discussions with the ruling Republican party of Armenia, but on his own criteria, one of which is the resignation of the premiere.


“These are 4 points: the resignation of the Prime Minister, the election of a candidate from the people by the Parliament, the drafting of an interim government, and the disapproval on the basis of the agreement of the government’s program, which will mechanically lead to early parliamentary elections,” Pashinyan said. According to its texts, only for example is it possible to guarantee “the transfer of power to the people without shocks.” “But the results of the recent elections are not obliged to be put under the hesitation of anyone,” the oppositionist said.


Ignoring these strict circumstances, Prime Minister Sargsyan and President Armen Sargsyan resumed their talks on Saturday, saying they are ready for a dialogue. At the same time, the head of government said that the conversation is necessary in order to avoid irreversible losses.


This opposition gave the answer, in fact they are ready to open a discussion only of the circumstances of his resignation. Later Pashinyan said that he was ready to meet with the President at the rally of his own adherents in the Republic square. The head of the country accepted the proposal and arrived at the meeting.


Protests in Armenia: dialogue fails

The detention continued

On Saturday during the promotions was higher than 100 detained demonstrators. Among those detained were once favorites travel Armen Grigoryan.


According to the special investigation service, he was detained on suspicion of organizing global unrest, holding meetings in violation of the law. In particular, he is charged with forcible intrusion into the premises of Yerevan state University and a role in conflicts with the police on April 16 at the Parliament.


In the direction of all day the militia from time to time warned protesters of illegality of their promo actions and cleared away streets for restoration of transport movement.


Protests in Armenia: dialogue fails

Advice rock musician

During the rallies Pashinyan periodically applied in absentia for help to the favorite of the famous American rock band System of a Down Serge Tankian, urging him to drive up to Armenia and join the protesters.


And, finally, Tankian made a video address, giving a number of recommendations.



“I have a number of recommendations: 1st, to stick to the terminology of “color revolution”, for example, as it is associated with confrontation between East and West. We are fighting not for this, in order to borrow the East or the West, but for loyalty and advanced configuration” — said Tankian.


He is also called upon to concretize the requests of the members promotions of disobedience, in particular, to assume a bundle of reforms for the eradication of injustice, corruption and pollution of the surrounding environment, and to continue the peaceful resistance, avoiding the traps of provocateurs.

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