Rules of internal re-linking of site pages.

Rules of internal re-linking of site pages.

Rules of internal re-linking of site pages.

The correct internal perelinkovka can significantly increase the traffic on the LF, and incorrect become the cause of difficulties in promoting the site. I was convinced of this myself, when after the actions described in this post on my two sites traffic increased on average by almost 3 times.


My actions for internal linking consisted of two stages:



– site navigation optimization;

— placing links from internal pages.


Actions to improve site navigation:

1) Make sure that the site menu is indexed by search bots. It should either be in the form of text links (preferably with the keywords in the anchor text), or images with well-written alt-attributes.


2) all internal pages should have a link to the main page and the same URL everywhere. If it it always has to be And no or


3) bread crumbs, site map and other chips such as popular articles, similar entries, etc.good stuff. They help both the search bots and your visitors.


4) If you are promoting a site the inside pages, it is desirable that b links on these pages were cross-cutting, necessarily, that they were a link with home. Third-level pages have a static weight less by default than second-level pages, and it will be problematic to promote them over HF.


5) If you are promoting a site the inside pages and put them on external links derelinquit these pages among themselves. Then the links that you put on the promoted page A will also transfer the weight to the promoted page B.


Setting links from internal pages:


1) Put links from the texts of internal pages to other pages that fit the context. Especially persistently put links to the pages which are promoting. For many CMS, there are ready-made modules of text translation, with which such manipulations are made easily.


2) On the same page, try to refer different every time as an anchor. I experimented with my sites, putting down in one case all the links with the same RF Kay in ANKOR, in the other each time referring to different text. In the second case, the RF felt much better, plus added traffic on the LF.


3) If you have a page without text (for example, gallery or page with the table description of goods) still use them for internal linking. In this case, the links will have to be put separately.


4) do Not overdo it with references from the text. The number of links that can be put depends on the amount of text. But in any case, I do not advise to put more than 3 links from the page.


5) if you are adding new content don’t forget to refer to it and to it. This will speed up its indexing, plus add weight to the pages it references.


Like all. Of course, such manipulations require time and attention, especially the second part. But the internal perelinkovka has three undeniable advantages: it is a free way to increase positions, it will save your budget for the purchase of paid links, it should be done only once.

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