“Russian Union of Latvia” demanded the release of human rights defender Gaponenko

"Russian Union of Latvia" demanded the release of human rights defender Gaponenko

"Russian Union of Latvia" demanded the release of human rights defender Gaponenko


The party “Russian unity of Latvia” begs to release arrested member of the defense Staff of Russian secondary schools Alexander Gaponenko and wants to perform a picket in his help, said the Department of public relations of the party.


On Friday, April 20, the Latvian security police detained Alexander Gaponenko on suspicion of “activities directed against the independence of the country.” The Tribunal took him away on Saturday. Gaponenko — the activist of the Headquarters of defense of the Russian secondary schools, the Chairman of social organization “Congress of non-citizens”. Wound in public networks, he wrote that in fact in Latvia in front of the Russian population have all chances to be used repressive influence with the participation of a fighter of the US army.


“According to media reports, the arrest is associated with the publication of Alexander Gaponenko of his conversation with the South American other, who said, in fact that in mid-may this year in Riga if there will be a provocation aimed against the Russian inhabitants, followed by global arrest and internment of Russian social functionaries of Latvia. We have no doubt that the announcement of this warning about a possible crime meets the legitimate interests of society, “- said in the”Russian Association of Latvia.”


“The Latvian authorities had the option of a civilized reaction to this publication – they had the opportunity not to confirm the text of Gaponenko and to take away the share of the population that managed to get acquainted with this warning. Instead of this, the police took security Gaponenko than only reinforced the suspicion, in fact the warning of Alexander was not groundless” — identified in the Department of public relations.


In the party that, in fact that the 100th article of the Constitution of Latvia vouches ” freedom of the text, which involves the right to receive, protect and distribute information, to formulate their own views.”


“We consider the impact of law enforcement agencies to be unconstitutional and undermine confidence in the state. We demand that the Ministry of the interior not confirm or prove the information for which our friend was arrested. The party “Russian Union of Latvia” would help to Alexander Gaponenko and nasteleno asks for his release,” — said in the party.


“Russian Union of Latvia” was announced, in fact he wanted to run a picket in front of “police brutality” against Gaponenko. Promotion will take place on the first day of the week, April 23, at 14.00 vis-a-vis security police buildings in Riga.


The Seimas of Latvia approved amendments to the law “on education” on March 23, providing for the translation of all secondary schools into the municipal language of study by 2021-2022 academic year. In Latvia are in the range of 2 million persons, from them of 40% — Russian. In the Republic of raz municipal language — Latvian, Russian contains the status of foreign.

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