Search engine optimization of web sites.

Search engine optimization of web sites.

Optimization of the website.

Website optimization is a set of measures that begin with the formation of keywords, evaluation of the position and competitive ability in a particular topic and end with a comprehensive planning, advertising on the Internet, promotion using a kind of marketing solutions.


The error is to assume that the newly created site will be visited by a large number of users. After all, to search for a specific site, the user uses a search engine by entering keywords into it. The search engine, as a rule, produces those pages in which there is the presence of such words, and in a certain order.


This location depends on such term as SEO optimization of the web site or search engine optimization this term is understood as a modification of code page in accordance with the algorithms of search systems to find, which is the calculation of the relevance of the issue. In other words, the optimization of the Internet site is carried out in order to draw the attention of the search engine robot to the information of the site, thereby improving the positivity of the key queries.


Commercial Internet resources, the main task of which is to attract users to the site, thereby increasing profits, of course, requires a set of measures for search engine optimization of the site on the world wide web. And especially on optimization of pages according to the algorithm of ranking of the search engine, detection and elimination of errors in the code and structure of the site, improvement of characteristics of marketing in the content of the site. An optimized Internet web site has a significant predominance over the rest to take place on the first page of the issuance, according to the keywords that interest the visitor. So how, exactly, these pages are given preference by the search robot.


Search engine optimization of web sites.

1. Robots. Many people unfairly ignore this file. In fact, it turns out that incorrect preparation of prohibiting and allowing directives (or even neglect of this file) can have a very negative impact on the process of search engine promotion of the website. What to pay attention at drawing up of directives of the robots.txt.


2. Title tag.> It’s no secret that the content of the title tag directly affects the relevance of the page by its keywords. That is why it is important to be able to set unique titles for any page of the site, thereby increasing the relevance of these pages for a variety of search queries.


3. Tags <meta name=keywords> and <meta name=description> These tags have long lost their former popularity among optimizers, however, they still continue to prescribe more habitually than with any purpose. Keywords has long had no effect on anything, the description under some conditions may appear in the issuance as a”snippet”. So the “discipline” in the process of promotion of the web site to forget is probably not worth it, worse from it will not be exact, but even better in some cases, completely.


4. <Hx>Headers If the page is dedicated to a particular request, it is always reasonable to put it in one form or another in the title of the first level. As for the content of the page as a whole, it always looks more readable with the correct and logical formatting, including the use of headers.


5. The selection within the text (tags <b> and <strong>) Frankly, we would not recommend to get involved in the selection of keywords in the text of the page these tags. You will certainly not be banned, but as bonuses you’ll receive for a similar use of the selection when the search engine optimization of the website.


6. Unique content. Here is really a cornerstone in search engine optimization of websites. If you do not want to fall under one of the filters Yandex, which is popularly called “you last”, and the existence of Which Yandex stubbornly denies, always follow the uniqueness of the content on your site. Theft of content in Runet is now flourishing, clearly identify the original source Yandex has not yet learned, so the optimizer must himself monitor such things.


7. The density of keywords in the page text. Many say that the ideal keyword density on the page you’re promoting needs to be in the area 5-7%, and that it gives the maximum indicators of textual relevance. We will not refute or confirm this well-established opinion, let’s just say that such a density will not be worse than the site, and the question “what is better” everyone is able to solve for themselves by experience. Experiments with the text component is not difficult to put at all, and food for thought after they are plentiful, as well as ways to use the data obtained in the process of promotion of websites.


8. Alt to pictures. Never hurt, especially if you want to look for pictures. Similar tools, and quite popular, there are Yandex and Google. Promotion of the website in search of pictures – this is a topic for a separate article, so here we just recommend not to neglect the opportunity to get extra targeted visitors and not to be lazy to prescribe violas to the images on your site.


9. Optimization of the internal reference structure of the web site. This is, by and large, is a subject for a separate article, and even not one. This is quite a powerful tool in promoting web sites, especially large resource with a huge number of sections and pages. Let’s just say that with the help of a competent change in the internal reference structure, you can keep and accumulate weight both on the website as a whole and on its individual pages.


10. The overall usefulness of the page. As you know, search engines, and in particular, Yandex, use the capabilities of machine learning, so do not forget about such a factor as the objective usefulness of the page. The better the topic of requests promoted to the page is revealed, the higher it will be in the issue, even without taking into account external factors. This, of course, does not apply to complex high-frequency requests, there is a similar approach is only a small component of the comprehensive strategy of website promotion.


Measures to optimize the WEB site.

– budget analysis, competition assessment and formation of the semantic core.
The budget for search engine optimization of the site is completely dependent on the properties of competitors ‘ sites.


– site optimization in accordance with the algorithms of search engines.
Here is a study of the technical characteristics of the site, the search for errors and shortcomings and their elimination in the code of the page. Additions are made to the structural design of the site. We analyze the marketing features of the site, which are not directly related to the influence on the ranking in the search engine, but focus the attention of the visitor on the key points.


– working with external factors.
it happens that an optimized Internet site for key queries may have positionality lower than a competitor’s site, which was made in a hurry. In other words, search engine optimization involves not only working with the code and structure of the site, but also with external factors that affect the position of the site on the search engine page. That is, the work is done to increase the credibility of the resource in relation to the rest of the sites with the same theme.


– optimization of the budget for the advertising context.
The search index tends to change once in a few weeks, but despite this, the desired result, after the search engine optimization, can be expected in the period up to six months. Advertising context is best used during the first months of SEO website optimization. After a high position on keywords has been achieved, low-frequency requests are closed by the advertising context, since the cost of funds may be lower than the process of SEO optimization of the website with a large number of requests.


– maintain the effect of search engine optimization.
The wrong opinion is to consider that after the process of SEO site optimization, a certain position in the issuance of the optimized site will remain for a long time. As always in the world of web there are new sites, then the search index is changed once in a few weeks. Also, the creators of search engines, in order to prevent the abuse of the main factors that can affect the search results, constantly carry changes in the ranking algorithms of resources on the search result page.

Site optimization errors.

— The wrong keywords.

– Overloaded META keyword tag.

— Excessive repetition of the same keywords.

– Pages containing only graphics.

— Improper use of the noframes tag.

– Registration of too many pages in one day.


Optimization of web site loading.

Never test the patience of users with slow page loads, most users will simply close your page and open another website. Slow web pages are one of the biggest problems of websites. Many attractive web sites are the interaction of the latest technology, great graphics, and multi-media on pages, but it greatly increases time spent on page loading.


Regarding search engines, slow web sites are always placed lower in rank than those that load quickly. Fast download leads to good rankings in the search engines. If your website needs a good ranking, for example, in Google, then you need to reduce the page loading time.


The speed at which a web page loads directly depends on the connection speed, the server response time, and the weight of the entire page and content. The latest polls tell us that the average user usually waits no more than 4 seconds for the page to load.


Causes for slow loading pages also are about the number of HTTP requests compressana javascript, use loaded server, which cannot provide the required capacity, and the use of a large number of images and flash elements that you want to load.


Search engine optimization of web sites.

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