Small meat plant is a stable and profitable business

Small meat plant is a stable and profitable business

All sorts of sausage products in demand on the Earth since time immemorial. From reliable sources, it ate the sausage in ancient Greece and Babylon. In Russia, however, this meat product is known for a few centuries. The first sausage production in Russia was opened only in the 17th century. Today is this business?


Does the private small shop to compete with state enterprises?
Opening of own production of meat products may create competition for large state slaughterhouses. Long-term practice of Western countries confirms this. In Germany it is a small sausage private shops have a constant loyal customers. Generation after generation of sausage lovers are buying products from your butcher, and trust only them. This is a unique fact of the succession of generations in food choices.


In Russia also there were private production with a decent technological level. Especially in the province where successfully made organic meat specialties. Sell the goods of such enterprises usually in nearby villages. All unclaimed in a rural location products goes to the markets of nearby cities.


Practice has shown that the owner of a small sausage shop is always in profit, part of which aims at the expansion and improvement of its production. Many entrepreneurs of this sector organize their own small farm animals. And with time have in their Arsenal and successful private enterprise, and personal livestock. This files most often for personal farms are selected animals of the best breeds.


Stages of opening of a private sausage shop
To become the owner of a small meat processing plant, you need to put a lot of effort. A lot more than it may seem. This is a time consuming business, which is difficult to implement, even if it is for a lot of money. Money, by the way, it is possible to take a loan. In any case, to start organizing a sausage case with the collection of a lot of important documents.


Required documentation for commencement sausage
To open their own sausage production in Russia, it is necessary to collect a lot of licensing of securities in various instances. In addition, you need to be registered in:


– STI;
– Rostest;
– veterinary surveillance;
and fire brigade;
pension and other funds;
– to obtain permission of SES.


After passing the above instances can proceed to the remaining stages of preparation.


Equipment for making sausage
To fill the sausage and finger. By the way, this sausage is handmade is highly valued and is considered elite. But besides the products of prestigious class to launch and Assembly-line production. For the production of sausages need to purchase the following equipment:


– a table to debone meat;
– special knives for cutting up carcasses;
– at least two of the refrigerating chamber;
electric meat grinder;
– a cutter;
special syringe for stuffing of minced meat;
the smoke generator.


All this unique equipment need to be placed in the relevant room. At first, the facility for manufacturing can be rented. It is not necessary to invest a lot of money to build its own building.


You need to consider that the production area of the sausage shop should be more than 50 square meters. Rent over time will allow you to accumulate funds to build its own full-fledged workshop for the production of sausages.


Practice shows that even in the first month of mini meat gives 30 percent profitability. Start of production requires investments in the amount of about 17 to 20 thousand dollars. If work is organized properly and the quality of the sausages is good, then all these costs will be repaid in one business quarter.


Mandatory steps on the path to profit


– To obtain the net profit from the production of sausage, need to install correctly:
– Cladocera for storage of raw materials;
a refrigerator in which the stuffing will Mature;
– equip the warehouse;
– to equip the storeroom for equipment and instrumentation;
– to equip the washroom for all the requirements of the SES;
– to prepare a room for storage of sodium nitrate;
– organize the separation heat treatment;
to prepare for use of the cabins;
is to provide the expedition with everything necessary;
– to prepare all the rules of the Department of defrosting meat.


Only after preparing all the above nuances, we can confidently say that the shop is almost ready to function. But that’s not all the important aspects of the sausage business. While selecting facilities for the workshop, we must note that during the production of meat products, prepared sausage should not come into contact with unprocessed raw materials. This is a strict requirement of sanitary services, which must strictly follow.


When the shop is fully equipped and prepared for the start of production, it is necessary to proceed to the recruitment of workers. In any case, the owner need to invite some trained professionals. So as to independently carry out all stages of production of sausage products is simply impossible.


Mini-sausage production in obligatory need a competent technologist. It is an enormous responsibility for the prosperity of the sausage business. It is the recipe of the product and controls the quality of manufactured sausages.


The company also need to invite at least two butchers. These specialists will butcher the carcass and do the deboning of meat. In addition, the staff must be present accountant. It will keep reporting documentation. You also need to hire mechanics and two workers. Such a small headquarters staff enough for profitable meat business.


Special monoblock
Selection of spaces for hire must be implemented thoughtfully and carefully. It is forbidden to build a sausage shop in the premises, baths, boarding houses, tourist bases or children’s preschools. From this it follows that the choice of the convenient places to rent not so great. This often leads to increased costs. But modern realities of the domestic production of fixable. Today the Russian industry produces a special candy bars that are uniquely suited to open a sausage business. Unique candy bar is a small shop, specially designed for the high-tech sausage production. In monoblocks into account all the requirements of SES. For a business owner can only buy a plot of land, which will house the prepared candy bar. This choice will be able to save the nerves and money of the entrepreneur. In special units, all processes are automated, so one person can perform several operations. This effectively will raise the prosperity of the sausage business and increases its profits.


The choice of equipment and raw materials
Cooking stove, you can buy domestic or foreign production. Russian-made equipment is much cheaper overseas, which is extremely important for the entrepreneur-the beginner. Imported equipment to write off is not worth it. There are universal foreign furnaces, which give the ability to simultaneously boil, smoke, fry and dry the sausage.


Livestock products at first profitable to buy exclusively from domestic farms. Imports can bring a number of additional difficulties. You need to spend time obtaining permission to import meat products, submit in advance a statement in the official veterinary service with the characteristics of the cargo, quarantine. In addition, you need to explain what caused a selection of imported and domestic raw materials. Imported goods must be accompanied by special certificates.


More important to be able to sell than to produce
The main objective of the organization, sausage production – the extraction of the long-awaited profits. Without a profit the whole time-consuming and costly venture simply does not make sense. So the question of advancement made sausages to the buyer is very important and paramount.


How to attract your target audience? Effective advertising, modern packaging and superb product quality. It is advisable to open your branded kiosk or small pavilion. If the sausage is really good taste and flavor, within a few months the rumor about this spread throughout the city. To increase sales of products to hire an experienced marketer who skillfully and cleverly organizing the promotion of products will more than fulfill their own bread.


Well-organized and well-oiled production of sausages on a miniature private enterprise promises a very decent revenue. It is known that for a month private sausage shop brings its owner five thousand dollars or more in net profit. It’s just a excellent indicator.


Small meat plant is a stable and profitable business


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