Source: Pokemon Go will be released simultaneously in Ukraine and Russia

Pokemon in Ukraine and Russia

Pokemon in Ukraine and Russia

Recently, the Japanese company Nintendo launched the Pokemon Go app for IOS and Android. The essence of the game is to find pokemon (the more the better) on the streets, in rooms and catch it. To become a participant in the game, you will need a gadget with the included Internet, the GPS, which will be clear where you are to put the “” back of a pokemon, and video camera through which you see it.


How to download Pokemon Go in Ukraine
Once you launch the app, it will automatically open the view camera, and you will receive a notification that a pokemon was hiding behind a Bush or in a corner of the house. You have to be in the wrong place to throw the ball at him, thereby catching him. In the future, new charges can be trained, after which they can be used to fight pokémon friends or passers-by, who in retaliation prey on your pokemon.


“Plus, the game is that you do not sit at home, we must constantly walk the streets and look out for the pokemon through a video camera phone. Dangerous only looking at the screen — the game is addictive” — shared with us Kharkov Victor Tokarov.


Pokemon Go: the release date in Ukraine


The date of the official launch of the game in Ukraine the company has so far kept in strict confidence, however, assured the “News” in the company’s office, Ukrainians still rely on the official version soon. According to rumors, the launch could happen a week in parallel with the launch of the game in Russia. Now the Ukrainians are downloading software illegal. For this preregistered on American account, indicating another location, for example, USA or Australia.


Monster from the Governor


A new toy so liking that pokemon you find in the most unexpected places. “Caught nine pieces on the way to work with Poznyakov on KPI” — tells us Eugene from Kiev. In the Poltava regional state administration, the pokémon Bulbasaur and Mewtwo were in the offices of the Governor Valery Golovko and his Deputy Andrei Pesotsky. In new York pokemon are found in police stations (where the game got caught by the cops), and one girl with the game were able to identify a cheating boyfriend (tracked by geolocation, where he went in search of pokémon).


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