Sturgeon farm

Sturgeon farm

The cultivation of sturgeon at home


Farming sturgeon is a very promising and profitable business, in commercial networks, the cost of 1 kg of a sturgeon for about 20$, and black caviar more than$ 1,000 per kilogram. Such a high price due to the very high taste of sturgeon, international sturgeon — the calling card of almost every restaurant. To cultivate sturgeon can at home using the pools of polypropylene with recirculating water.


Modern sturgeon farm is a complex with pools connected to the water purification system. Water is in permanent circulation of the circular, cleaned and filled with oxygen.


In this content planting density sturgeon is 50 — 60 kg per m3 of water. Feeding fish portions made from dry granulated feed for a given program, using automatic feeders. Fry are fed 6 times a day, adult fish 4 times. Water temperatures for sturgeon is maintained constantly +18 +20°C.


In natural conditions, when the temperature of the water, growth slows sturgeon, female sturgeon begin spawning from 15 years of age. On sturgeon farm is constantly maintained in the optimum water temperature in the pools, so the fish does not cease to grow and grows much faster. In these circumstances, females can get the eggs in 5 – 6 years of age, after receiving the caviar of the females sent back to the pools.


So what is needed for the cultivation of sturgeon at home.


The room under the sturgeon farm.


Room with heating and water. Room for the fish farm can be insulated hangar, overhaul heated greenhouse, almost any room with heating. The room should be connected to the mains, water mains and sewers.


To determine the area of the room can be based on such calculations, to grow 1 – 1.5 tons of sturgeon per year will need a room with an area of about 40m2, but it is necessary to consider further the possibility of expanding the farm.


To reduce the cost of cultivation of sturgeon, the best option would be to place the farm on his own land, no need to pay monthly rent for the premises, and all will be permanently under Your control.


Installation of closed water recirculation systems.


The installation consists of:


Round or rectangular pools, the most popular pools made of polypropylene, (price 3 bottoms pool – 300$). For growing annually by 1 tonne fish need pools with a total volume of 16 m3.


System aeration air blower, diffusers.


The oxygen generator.


Complex to support the transparency of the water – ozonizer, protein skimmer and pump.


Pipes, sinks, fittings.


Oxygen sensors, pressure and p H.


Mini laboratory for testing water quality – oximeter, p H meter, colorimetric tests.


Drum mechanical filter.


A biofilter.


The carbon filter.


Circulating pumps, main and standby.


Air compressor.


UV lamp for water disinfection.


Heat exchangers — water heating in winter, cooling in summer.


The feeder belt.


Gasoline-powered generator for emergency power outages.


The installation diagram.


Installation you can assemble yourself, if you consult with a specialist in recirculation systems.


The entire installation without a generator will cost at least 4000$, if you buy the installation from the manufacturer. To date, more than 80% sold of units sold via intermediaries, which in turn are represented by manufacturers and charged a premium several times higher. Looking for direct manufacturers buy and install only them.


After you run and configure system RAS, the next step is to purchase fingerlings, feed and supplies.


Purchased planting material of sturgeon fry weighing 5 grams, the price of 10 – 15 rubles. apiece. Sturgeon fish the bottom and the main part of the feed she eats from the bottom so the stocking density is taken from the calculation of the area of the bottom of the reservoir. The optimal stocking density of fry is 300 PCs for each m2 of the bottom of the pool.


For the budding entrepreneur, the best option will be to grow fish to a weight of 500 g for restaurants. Restaurants buy sturgeon weighing 500 g, the weight of the fish portions, ie 500 g sturgeon obtained the prepared portion 370,


The restaurant buys about 60 kg of sturgeon per month, restaurants can work for cash, some pay immediately in cash. Usually delivery in restaurants on Tuesdays and Fridays, some restaurants buy chilled sturgeon, others only live.


The fish grows to a weight of 500 g For 6 – 9 months.


To grow 1 ton of sturgeon for 9 months will need to purchase:


Malek — 1800 PCs price 15 RUB thing. – 27000 RUB.


For every ton grown sturgeon will need to feed 1400 kg – 70000 RUB.


Electricity costs will be for the entire period (taking into account water heating in winter) for about 30000 RUB.


Water charges are not taken into account, as the farm is located on a private plot with a battered hole.


Other minor expenses was 50000 RUB.


The main cost of cultivation of 1 ton of sturgeon will be about 177000 RUB.


Cost of 1 kg – 177 RUB.


Restaurants buy sturgeon on average 500 RUB per 1 kg.


The profit per kilogram is approximately 323 RUB.


With the sale of one ton of sturgeon profit will amount to about RUB 323000


The calculations are approximate, may vary, depending on the prices in the region, each farm requires an individual calculation.


This article describes the cultivation of sturgeons in the home as a business idea, and the whole technology requires a thorough study of literature on the subject. As you expand the farm and gain practical experience through several years it is possible to obtain caviar 5 – 6 year old female sturgeon, if the market value of caviar more than$ 1,000 per kilogram, the profit from the farm can be substantial.


Sturgeon farm

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