The creators of Pokemon Go game earned $1 billion in seven months

The creators of Pokemon Go game earned $1 billion in seven months

The creators of Pokemon Go game earned $1 billion in seven months

The games brought its Creator company Niantic more than $1 billion just seven months since launching in July 2016, follows from the data of the analytical company SensorTower. This is a record figure for mobile games in history, analysts say. For example, the Clash Royale game company Supercell has reached the billion dollar threshold for the first 10 months, seven months, its creators earned $550 million.


Pokemon Go game with elements of augmented reality. The purpose of it is to find in the real world of pokemon, and then train them and participate in battles with other pokemon players. The game itself is free – users are spending money on in-app purchases.


During the first two months after launching Pokemon Go has caused a boom among smartphone users. In Pokemon Go played even the inhabitants of those countries where the game was not officially represented, for example, in Russia. Users bypass the restrictions by downloading Pokemon Go in the app stores of other countries. Thus, in Moscow in the summer, players could be seen in the centre of the city, where they gathered in teams to catch pokemon together. The game in the capital has become so massive that attended government and employers: the deputies were proposed to prevent a Pokemon Go, and some companies have announced a ban on the game in the territory offices.


The peak of popularity of Pokemon Go came in August. Then this game is daily played more than 10 million people in the United States. In autumn, the game started to lose the audience, and, by the end of November, its daily audience is about 280 000 people. That is, since the peak popularity of American players in pokemon has decreased in 35 times. In Russia, Pokemon Go continue to play tens of thousands of people, he said in the end of last year representatives of the Russian operators.


Analytical company App Annie previously predicted that Pokemon Go earn a billion dollars by the end of 2016, But in September, Slice Intelligence reported that the number of paying players in Pokemon Go was reduced by 79% compared to mid-July. But despite falling popularity, Pokemon Go still earns about $1.5-2.5 million a day, analysts say SensorTower. Though in July the game was brought to the creators of the $18 million a day.

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