The Dark Tower International Trailer #2 (2017)


According to ancient legend, there is a Dark Tower, whose purpose is to save the Universe from destruction, chaos and discord. This long fear of the people, because of modern development, technical innovation has not left the minerals, and the present life is hardly calm. It feels Roland Distin — all parallel realities live their lives. Ordinary events are not as usual. To notice this difficult. But it’s time to make things right before it’s too late. Roland is not going to watch the world collapse. He immediately goes on a journey, the benefit of his calling — wandering shooter — allows you to do as quickly as possible. He does not get used to experience deprivation, a thirst for justice drives forward to unravel the mysteries of the Universe. Who now controls the Universe? How to return peace and tranquility to the planet?


The hero has no idea that on the way he will experience many adventures and dangers. For him very soon there will come a day when his entire destiny will change, because he belongs to the ancient and revered family. Ancestors did not have time to transfer the heir of all the secrets, but soon all the secrets of nature will be solved. During the journey there was an activation of memory, and the hero realized his destination. Will he be able to single-handedly save the planet from destruction? Once he lost his beloved, late mother, but the events of the past seemed erased from his memory. Later he remembers everything, to revenge, but his main goal is a dark wizard in black robes. Past memories is confusing 11 — year-old boy from the modern metropolis that trusts the arrow. Then the whirlwind of events, jump under the car, and then he woke up in the middle world. Will the Dark Tower shed light on its history full of mysteries and incomprehensible events?

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