The darkness and tears! Reveal the circles 20 years runs out, the fire singing


Unveiled for the “masked turtles” champion group C from the list, The Mask Singer season 2 comes versatile in both singing and dancing, and rap, which the singer girl under the mask is an extremely talented artist “Michael Jackson”


After removing the mask, the ball nut ปนัดดา elaborate all the tears that she herself was in the coming 20 years, because then is an artist a long time and afraid that people will forget? want to know that someone will remember the sound itself? hear this and then will think of yourself? several times asked myself in circles why, because discouraged and exhausted, the fire until the idea will stop singing, but to sing under the guise Tao people listen cheer sound scream applause this much power resumed to offer happiness to every music fan


Which nut has elaborate through instagram that…


“Oh, my every ล๊าาาาา!!! Blushed, Zhang, ray, wailing, mid-air…แห่ะๆ ” I did not want Chi cry, really.. done!!! “But I very the what already!!! Now gush big ray 55555 kidding. trade what Hm!!! Let’s be serious a little.


First of all, speak from the heart, both of ปนัดดา and I(turtle) that both tears and feelings at the time, it is the joy, the exaltation, the mind that it’s overflowing it until the need to cry out honestly, then in the date in the draft of the “elder turtle 4D” the whole image all the old feelings. it wide into whether it is felt in the date album #paper star comes out the new born is #ปนัดดา star paper till now, “fusion” (that means total figure comes from the manga dragon ball) with my Tao Yin I had an Epiphany that Hey! 20 years it’s been so long already!!!! It was with concern thick a little raw food in mind that “he’ll still remember the sound of us? “”He will also want to hear us?” “He’ll feel excited that I want to have fun with all of us. would be fun to go together?” “He’ll get not? we have the identity like this?”


Anyone know?….. ‘ve unmanned all the lights don’t walk, the next you from the path of being a singer, it’s long, and goes through what a lot of things were lost and very lonely, but the nut told myself that we are lucky? to have to do what I love and then also have support from music fans, the older generation, veteran name, they keep track of any updates that were of a nut a long time to some, it is off the grid to take the life of myself and the staff made songs together which also believes in the body of nut…nut thank you my brothers, those, everyone, really (smash the chest on the left side aunt around!!!) If no, they NAT’d the gloomy than this


[No…no, Rob, I] until today, at the minute everyone stand up, clap when open the mask, it caused a shock on contradiction, “ugh.” but hasn’t expressed until the need to open your mouth and say that and crash….the tears gush is, it don’t know how to explain it, let everyone know that nut felt #thank you very much going when everyone send power send you a cheer, not just in this round but in all rounds up on stage #themasksingerthailand2 it’s warm, it’s strong, it has tremendous power that make the singer a little almost exhausted in mind, let’s have the lights up again. Feng, congratulations…[tear]


For in the social world… and you Tao, thank you for every comment that comes encouragement in the nut to sit and read all the comments, “but it’s changing…I’m, eh, Ah, no ด๊าาาาา!!!” It repressed out electronic keys virtually”

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