The Glass Castle Trailer (2017)


The existence of a young girl develops quite differently than most peers. She was born in an unusual family, leading an extraordinary lifestyle, causing bewilderment in ordinary people. Her parents prefer to move freely on any territories, instead of settled life in the noisy, overpopulated city. Convinced nomads adhere to the principles of absolute independence and freedom of thought. This worldview they instill and their own children, educating them to be impartial, not seeking material things, giving more importance to the spiritual perception of the world. The family constantly moves around the country, anywhere long without stopping. The immature mind of the child takes endless journey for a fascinating, exciting adventure, not burdened with serious problems.


The only concern of parents is to find accommodation and temporary earnings. The family lives in impoverished conditions, experiencing undisguised hostility from others, which certainly affects the formation of the character of the young girl. The mother was formerly a popular actress, is known for his extravagant antics. Now she exists in her own little world, born in a upset consciousness, perceiving the existing environment as a theatrical scene. The father has an innate talent for making amazing things with his own hands, but has a long-standing alcoholic addiction, pouring alcoholic beverages into his own failure. Being in a constant hangover condition, he tells his daughter amazing stories where they live in a beautiful glass castle happily and in abundance.

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