The laws of multiplying money

The laws of multiplying money

1. Begin to fill your wallet


When you get salary or income, you need 30% of the money there to defer. You say, “I didn’t have enough money”, but if you continue to live as you live, you never will, because it is human nature to spend all the money if he does not control them.


The money that you received – they are not Yours and You have to understand and realize.


2. Control your expenses


You must have a notebook or plate Excel to write your daily expenses. You have to understand which merges Your main part of the money to be or somewhere to buy a particular thing cheaper or can do some of the things you mindlessly spend money you do not need.


3. Multiply wealth


You need to pay yourself 10% of the income that is to begin on a monthly basis to Fund your wallet and not touch it until the money. Next, you will need to invest either in business or in real estate etc. that they bring more money.


4. Protect your wealth from loss


This rule says that before you invest your money, you need to know with whom to consult and in a losing business is not investing. And the advice to ask people professionals.


5. Turn your home into a profitable enterprise


If you don’t own real estate, it is likely that you take it off the most part of your money have you flushed down the toilet.
Much more profitable to buy housing on credit and pay monthly loan is the same as if you paid for the rented apartment.


6. Provide income for the future


Relating this to the modern world, you need 10% of their income to invest in long-term investments that will bring you in 5-10 years, or a passive source of income or not a small amount, which will be like an airbag, or money, which can also be controlled and increase.


7. Improve the ability to earn


This rule says that You need to enhance your skills in Finance or skills with which you will be able to earn more.


8. Charity


A tenth of your income, you need to give to charity


The laws of multiplying money

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