The leaders of the DPRK and South Korea re-start the dialogue, making a step towards peace

The leaders of the DPRK and South Korea re-start the dialogue, making a step towards peace

The leaders of the DPRK and South Korea re-start the dialogue, making a step towards peace


The favourites of the DPRK and South Korea will meet on Friday afternoon on the dividing Korean Peninsula military demarcation unit and will hold the 3rd summit of the South and the North under the motto “a Fresh step towards peace”.


President of the Republic of Korea moon Jae-In at 09.30 (03.30 GMT) will welcome the Chairman of the state Council of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN at towering a number of centimeters above the territory of the conventional concrete barrier, indicating the line of division of Korea in the zone of General protection of the border point of negotiations


Subsequently, Kim Jong-UN will be the first North Korean Manager who will cross the military demarcation line and find himself on the South Korean land of the demilitarized zone — 4 km wide between the South and the North.


In Panmunjom, Kim Jong-UN and moon Jae-In will begin negotiations in the South Korean peace House at 10.30 am (04.30), and the results will be the adoption of a cooperative document, most likely, the approval of the obligations of both sides.


In Panmunjom, he has times in the range of 300 various rounds of talks, the South and the North, but the summit it will be held for the first time.


Kim Jong-UN during talks with the President of South Korea will accompany his sister Kim Ye-Jung from the Central apparatus of the Workers of the party of Korea. Actually, as for the wife of the DPRK’s favorite Li Sol Chu, then, according to the texts, the leaders of the administration of South Korean President lim Jong SOK, there is no conclusion about her participation in the summit yet.


South Korea relies on Whether Zhu Salt can actually arrive in Panmunjom for the evening reception.


Together with Kim Jong-UN in the negotiations as part of the North Korean delegation will be the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme ethnic Assembly of the DPRK Kim Yong Nam, Vice Chairman of the Central Committee of the Worker party of Korea Kim Yong-Chul, Choi hee and Lee soo Yeon, the head of the General staff of the army of the ethnic Korean Lee Myung su, Minister of ethnic armed forces, Pak Yong Sik, Minister of foreign Affairs ri Yong Ho and the Chairman of the Committee for the peaceful reunification of the Motherland, Lee Seol Kwon.


The agenda of the day of negotiations

For itself, the meeting of the favorites of the 2 Korean countries is fundamental to the fact that it takes place in a fresh way of life, with the role of fresh active persons and in other, than before, “scenery”. The 1st 2 summits took place in Pyongyang, and on this one but not in Seoul, but South of the military demarcation unit.


In the past, South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung, who started a “solar heat” politician with regard to the DPRK and became the first head of the South Korean country to go to Pyongyang in 2000, faced old North Korean Governor Kim Jong-Il, who actually received the Nobel peace prize.


Heir Kim Dae-Jung in the past, President Roh Moo Hyun continued his political engagement with the DPRK and read more in Pyongyang with Kim Jong-Il in 2007.


Since then, almost everything has changed: in both parts of Korea — fresh favorites, and the DPRK to what has made personal missile and nuclear weapons in the Wake of acute confrontation with the United States.


The favourites now need to agree on easing tensions, establishing trust and finding a way to a nuclear-free Korean Peninsula. Kim Jong-UN said on the eve of the summit that actually stops nuclear tests and closes this landfill in the North of the state. That trust was more, Kim Jong-UN and moon Jae-In established a direct telephone line, but did not have time to use it yet. In any case, no such notification has been received.


After moon Jae-In and Kim Jong-UN talks, if they become successful, a meeting of the North Korean favorite with the President of the USA Donald trump is to be held. Just the danger from the United States was the reason for the formation of the DPRK’s nuclear-missile program, and they have something to talk about.


As the official Commissioner of the South Korean presidential administration, Kim Jong-Il, told reporters on Wednesday, South Korea believes that at today’s summit, the favorites of the two Korean countries will reach an agreement on the main tasks: North Korean programs of Intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.
The difference between today’s summit and the meetings at the highest level in 2000 and 2007, he called the fact that the meeting takes place in the criteria when the DPRK has already armed with a nuclear Arsenal and the IDB.


“At the moment, the situation is completely different. In consequence of this nuclear problem and the problem of MBR in these negotiations will be the key”, — highlighted the representative of the President of South Korea. According to its texts, in this regard, the agreements are obliged to stand out from the previous ones.


The concepts of professionals vary

The meaning of the summit between South Korea and the DPRK will not become elementary symbolic, because the favorites of the two sides are able to solve the issues of reducing military tensions,  Anonsy political scientist Kim Tae hwan from the Korean diplomatic Academy said.


“The peace agenda, covering the reduction of tension in the demilitarized zone, the establishment of coordination bureaus between the military of the two sides-this is what the favorites at the summit have every chance to agree on,” Kim Tae Hwang said. According to its texts, the summit will become “more than symbolic”.


Together with that, the scientist accepted the fact that South Korea is rather limited in the ability to develop with North Korea financial cooperation because of international sanctions, imposed in front of the Pyongyang of the UN security Council because of the nuclear problems.


“We must rely not only on the United States, but also the international community,” he stressed.


Like Kim Tae-hwan, in order to warn the story, when subsequently the replacement of the presidents in South Korea has the opportunity to happen to renounce the agreements with Pyongyang, their inalienable ratification in Parliament is important.


“If the agreement will be approved and ratified, and for this we need a consensus in the implementation of them will remain stable including later such as the President moon Jae-Ins will expire,” said Kim Tae hwan.


In the past, Korea was already a sad skill, when the agreement with the DPRK was then rejected by Seoul in the replacement of administrations.


As told  Announcements of the doctor of the Institute “Door” Kim Yong Hyun, favorites 2 Korean countries, most likely, will accept a Declaration which “would say about the world and the inadmissibility of war, stop the ceasefire”.


The truce was subsequently concluded after the end of the Korean war of 1950-1953, and the contract for peace, for example, was not signed.


In its turn, the doctor of the Institute” Kunmin ” Andrei Lankov prone to pessimism. “Perhaps nothing at this particular summit decided to be,” – he said.
According To lankov’s texts, South Korea ” contains quite serious limitations, it does not have the opportunity to discuss, in practice, the nuclear issue and sanctions issues,” and just these two issues the doctor considers to be the leading ones.


“There is a rather difficult legal situation, because officially the Korean war was not: from the point of view of South Korea it was a police operation against the “rebels” in the North, from the point of view of the DPRK — opposite the “puppets” in the South. Yankees there also officially wasn’t, and there were UN troops. There was no official role for China either, because Chinese ethnic volunteers were sent to the war. All this reduced the likelihood of escalation of the incident and transformed it into a Third major war. At the moment it is a responsible discrepancy for lawyers, and one Declaration can not solve it”, — said Lankov.


Mysticism symbolism of planting the tree to the diets buffet

The meeting of mun Jae-In and Kim Jong-UN will be almost permeated with symbolism. They are expected to play a role in the tree planting ceremony in the military demarcation part that divides the Korean Peninsula in two. Subsequently, after the summit, the favorites will plant a pine tree, which was born in 1953, when the 3-year-old Korean struggle ended. Near the granite will be installed with the inscription ” Planting peace and prosperity.”


Earth to wood brought on purpose from Halla mountain on the Korean Peninsula, Jeju island with the volcano baekdu on the border of Korea with China.


Kim Jong-UN will watering a pine tree with water from the river Han, which flows through Seoul, and moon Jae-In — water of the river Taedong, brought from Pyongyang.


Symbolism is present in the rations of the official buffet in honor of Kim Jong-UN.


According to the Seoul administration, moon Jae-In intends to treat North Korea’s favorite with a Swiss potato cake, reshti, because the North Korean leader held a youth share in Switzerland. The cake will be made, not all, in the Korean interpretation.


As previously reported in the foreign press, Kim Jong-UN graduated from the international secondary school in Bern (Switzerland), where he studied under a different name. There was no official evidence of this in the DPRK.


The rations of the buffet should ” symbolize the attraction of civilization to peace and unification.” For example, in the composition of foods integrated frosty buckwheat noodles from the famous Pyongyang restaurant “Hannigan”. For its production from Pyongyang to Panmunjom will deliver the head chef of this restaurant and the machine for squeezing noodles – it is just squeezed out of the dough in the form of delicate threads in a boiler with boiling water, and after that refresh the ice.


Machine for noodles will be installed on the North half of Panmunjom — in the pavilion “Danilak” (“Pavilion enterprises”), and after that noodles will take in the “House of peace”.


Kim Jong-Ynu will suggest to try “manti with Croaker and sea cucumber”, caught near the island Kagoda at home of former South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung, the organizer of the “sunshine policy” of reconciliation with North Korea.


His successor Roh Moo-Hyun appeared in Gimhae, where the reception brought up reared a Fig. These former presidents are no longer alive, as is the founder of the company Hyundai Jong Ju Yong — a native of North Korea. Personal capital he began to collect with the implementation of cattle, which stole to the South from its own founder. Jong-UN became the first big entrepreneur of South Korea, who began cooperation with the DPRK by the end of the 80-ies of the last century. A little later he sent to North Korea a single flock of cattle in order to pass the “debt”. For example, here, of beef from herds of cattle Chung Ju-Yong, Kim Jong-UN will prepare a barbeque.


Once again, the South Korean functionary, who maintained close ties with the DPRK, was a composer Yun and San, widely familiar in North Korea. From otchizny Yun and San of the County Namhae will catch octopus in order to arrange a salad for a buffet of the inter-Korean summit.


Baked chicken to the summit table is grown in the districts of Busan, where the infancy of the President moon Jae-In.


Toasts favorites of 2 Korean countries will be under the rice tincture on rhododendrons and pear liqueur.


Judging by the pictures of the dishes of the buffet table on the page of the President of South Korea to Facebook, for dessert will be topped with flowers of the mango mousse with a backdrop containing a picture of a silhouette of the Korean Peninsula between the 2 halves of the split Cup of chocolate.

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