The President of Armenia met with the leader of the opposition

The President of Armenia met with the leader of the opposition

The President of Armenia met with the leader of the opposition


The President of Armenia Armen Sargsyan subsequently a meeting with the favorite of the opposition Nikol Pashinyan said, in fact he plans to talk with the protesters.


To the question, how likely negotiate with the protesters, he gave the answer: “Hope.”


The meeting took place on Saturday at the Republic square in Yerevan during a multimillion-dollar opposition rally. Subsequently, it Pashinyan asked his supporters to give him authorization to negotiate with the authorities.


Favorite of the opposition had approved, actually what the theme of the talks will be only the resignation of the Premier, ex-President Serzh Sargsyan, scheduled for this week in spite of the rebellions. “We are ready to discuss the circumstances of the peaceful transfer of power and to negotiate the proposed agenda,” Pashinyan said. He added that, in contrast to the President, he has no opportunity to invite the Prime Minister to the square, for example, there is no doubt that the story in this case will be kept under control.


Pashinyan recalled the circumstances of the opposition: the resignation of the Prime Minister, the election of a candidate from the people by the Parliament, the drafting of an interim government, the disapproval on the basis of the agreement of the government’s program, which will mechanically lead to early parliamentary elections. He added that the opposition will seek changes to the electoral code and the law “on parties”. At the same time, Sargsyan said that the statement is actually Armenia has the opportunity to cross to the other later of the conclusion of the most pressing challenges facing the government, these as the Karabakh conflict settlement.

Later Pashinyan said that he would meet with Sargsyan on Sunday afternoon to discuss the circumstances of the transfer of power.


The protests in Yerevan

Promotions opposite the election of Prime Minister Sargsyan started on April 13. The opposition blames him for mismanagement of the state and its shift to the worse side of financial history. On the first day of the week the protesters tried to break through to the Parliament building, the police pushed them, in the end, conflicts have injured 10 people.


On the coming day, the Parliament elected Sargsyan to the post of Prime Minister. Protesters told about the beginning of “velvet revolution” in the country.
Previously, the configuration of the Constitution came into force, according to which Armenia is moving to a parliamentary form of government, and the most ample opportunities will be owned by the head of government.


On Saturday militiamen slowed down 116 members of promotion of disobedience in the city of Moscow, 92 of them are already released.

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