The system of optimizing websites.

The system of optimizing websites.

The system of optimizing websites.

In this article we will talk about how to choose the right system optimization. The goal of website optimization is making the site characteristics and parameters that contribute to the indexing of pages by search engines and optimally satisfy the requirements of search algorithms for the prioritization of site in the formation of the SERPs for certain queries.


Website optimization is the first and basic stage of the process search engine optimization of the site, so its purpose coincides with the purpose the search engine optimization, namely: a pre-defined position in the organic results of search engines.


Users who type a keyword query into a search engine are already interested in the product, service, or information, expressing their intentions in search queries. Entering the website from search, they are able to immediately take the desired action – buy a product or order a service.


Search engines give search results according to certain rules: in the first place are sites that, according to the search algorithm, correspond to a user request. Given the characteristics of the search algorithm to adapt to them website, its position in the search results significantly increase.


Most owners and developers interested in increasing the attendance of your resources and target audience. In the case of a non-profit project that brings moral satisfaction and gives the realization that the time spent on support site, not wasted.


System optimization includes all the activities aimed at promotion of website in search engines. It all starts with a website audit, analysis of the semantic core, audience, traffic, server performance, features of writing resource and other elements that make up any website and as a result identifies steps to optimize, fix bugs and other work related to website optimization.


Search engines are fighting for the fact that the user was given the results most relevant to the request. Internet merchants (and their assistants — SEO-SEOs) are fighting for that search engine users saw in response to the request in the first place promoted sites.


There are several basic groups of sources influx of visitors is search engines, catalogues and ratings, links from sites, forums and blogs, and besides, there are regular site visitors. In practice, the largest number of visitors of Internet websites comes from search engines. And since, according to statistics, users of search engines often scan one or two pages of search results for the requested search query, businesses and site owners are forced to deal with the issues connected with optimization of their web resources to search engines to get on the first or at least second page.


It should be stressed that optimization is a long process and even in its shortest version takes several months. The reason is that indexation of the required pages of the search engines sometimes spend considerable time. In addition, links posted in directories usually appear with a delay, and the ranks of the pages and the citation indices of the sites are calculated iteratively and updated with some frequency.


Website optimization for search engines.

The final results of the optimization depend on the characteristics of the site. If a site has good content and quality content, as a result of this activity can be the inflow of thousands and even tens of thousands of new visitors every day coming from search engines and thereby increase traffic to the site.


The optimization should cover the titles, descriptions and key words of pages located inside the <head> tag, the text of the pages, the words used to embed hyperlinks, the location of keywords inside these tags as headers <h1>-<h6>, image captions, tooltips, etc. In addition to the existing content sections of the site, it is advisable to add a section with thematic articles or the terms dictionary that contains words from semantic kernel.


Keyword selection is Central to optimizing a website and its promotion. At the initial stage, you can prepare a list containing 100 words relating to the subject site or to the area of activity of the company. From this list, then it is necessary to conduct careful selection of words that will be optimized.


Optimization of texts published on the website plays a key role in the optimization process. The text of each page is valued by the search system has two main characteristics — frequency of occurrence of search terms compared to other words, and according to the location of the searched text on the page. However, as a rule, the closer the words are to the beginning of the document, the more weight they have.


Tag <title> in <head> block must be present in any HTML page. Tag is used to embed the page name and its contents shown in the title bar of the browser window. The contents of the tag <title> is indexed by search engines and used to display in the link to the site in the search results, the words of the tag <title> in large measure, on relevancy of the page.


Meta tag <description>, available through the tag meta in <head> block, designed to accommodate brief descriptions of the content of the page but in the browser this field is not displayed. The contents of this metapola almost never indexed by modern search engines, although some of them kept it for display in the search results, but can be used to attract the user’s attention.


Meta tag <keywords> defined using tag <meta> in <head> block, is used for the placement of keywords describing the page and also not displayed in the browser. This metabole was used extensively first by search engines, but because it was easy to manipulate these machines, making the keywords that are not relevant to the page content, then it stopped.


Don’t forget that optimization for search engines is only a speck in the promotion of your website. In addition, it is necessary to use other methods of promotion: banner advertising, contextual advertising, posting on the website feature articles, contests, affiliate programs, providing useful services.


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