The White house accused Iran of having a secret nuclear program

The White house accused Iran of having a secret nuclear program

The White house accused Iran of having a secret nuclear program


Israel’s statements about the development of nuclear weapons by Iran coincide with the fact that the USA long ago knew, says the statement of the snow-White home, posted on Twitter.


“On the pretext of Israel’s statement about the Iranian development of nuclear weapons. These precedents coincide with the fact that the United States has long understood: Iran contains a full secret program for the development of nuclear weapons, which he tried, but failed to hide from the world and the personal people,”-said in a statement.


In the absolute version of the statement, widespread a little later, says, in fact that the USA is exploring the information provided by Israel.


“This information highlights fresh and convincing details about Iran’s efforts to build a nuclear weapon that can be delivered by missiles,” the document says.


Earlier, live broadcast of the district TV premiere screenings of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu in Hebrew and British told, in fact, that the resolution of Israel got a half — ton card file-about 100 thousand cardboard and digital documents, which justify, in fact, that the atomic program of Iran had a secret military element under the code title “plan Amad”.


Production scouts have become, on his texts, 55 thousand pages and 55 thousand files on 183 CD-drives from secret storage, disguised as a battered warehouse in the South of Tehran. Netanyahu said that he actually shared the latest intelligence with the United States, and the Americans, in his texts, “have every chance to vouch for their authenticity.”


Netanyahu’s accusatory statement was voiced in the fervor of the international discussion on the need to revise the agreements reached 3 years ago with Iran on the pretext of its nuclear program. The Russian Federation is considered to be one of the 6 States that signed the nuclear position.

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