There are three main ways to earn money, consider them in order:

There are three main ways to earn money, consider them in order:

1. To turn time into money


This way of making money is used by the absolute majority of people on the planet. Lawyers and plumbers, janitors and Bank clerks, office workers and sellers in stores – all these people doing what convert the time into money.


This method has one drawback, blocking everything else: people who convert their time in money very rarely (or never!) get what you want. They always either not enough time or money. Roughly speaking before them always the choice: either to buy something expensive and good (such as a car or apartment) or to devote time to yourself and your family.


Therefore, the way to turn your time into money certainly is the worst of all.


2. To invest your money to get more money.


Reasonable way, the undoubted advantage is that money makes money without continuous control on your part. It’s enough to consult a specialist to find out exactly where you can at the moment to invest money to get profit.


The only, but a catastrophic disadvantage of this method is that most people do not have the required amount of money to them to invest somewhere. If you suddenly received a huge inheritance – this method is for you, but if you’re starting from scratch, he will naturally not suitable.


3. To receive money through the efforts of other people.


Your task is to arrange your earnings so that he evolved from efforts made by other people for you. The advantages of this method is that you don’t spend all my free time on earnings, time for you to invest other people. You must arrange them in this case. The downside is that to implement this method, you must have some organizational skills and (most importantly!) to be able to take full responsibility.


If you are adamant begins to move towards the implementation of this method, sooner or later, but in any case will succeed. As receive money through the efforts of other people is the best way to earn money.


What to do next?


After you decide which method to earn money suits you the most, you need to take the next step, namely, to set a goal.


To achieve something you need to be clear on what exactly you want to achieve. If it is money, then first take a clean sheet of paper, a pen and write the amount of money that you would like to receive in the month (day, year).
Remember, this amount is not the piece of paper in your wallet, and not even a Bank account. It is a symbol of what people would be willing to exchange this amount of money for the service you provided them. The work you are doing benefits people? So they are again and again ready to pay, and not thinking about the amount, as your service will earn such rewards.


Think about how you can help people, then your own status will multiply. Then you will realize that the more you earn for yourself, the more people you improve your life.


There are three main ways to earn money, consider them in order:

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