To the Bone Trailer #1 (2017)


“People say they love you. Actually, it’s a lie. They love how love for you makes them feel.”..
The new project Netflix tells a fairly vital and familiar story to many people. In the center of the action is a young artist named Ellen, who fell into a depression. The poor thing stopped to see the sense of what is happening around, absolutely having lost the motivation to live and be happy. She is a long time sitting on a strict diet and exercise, even without knowing it, I started to suffer anorexia. The character is constantly trying to persuade myself that she is healthy and she is doing well and most importantly – under control. Until then, until he faints, scaring the people around them.
After that, exhausted and lost the will to live, the girl falls into the hands of a special doctor who practices unconventional methods to return to life such as Ellen. Experienced specialist forces the unfortunate to send far away the inner voice, which whispering to them permanently that there is no slightest reason to be happy and continue to exist. Instead, he invites them to see life, to feel it, and to rejoice more often no matter what.

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