Traffic promotion: how to get to the top

Traffic promotion: how to get to the top

Traffic promotion: how to get to the top

In modern conditions of high competition on the Internet site owners are increasingly choosing to move forward in traffic. What is this method and how is it different from the usual search engine promotion — we’ll do it together.


Website promotion for traffic is a kind of search engine promotion of the project, in which the main emphasis is not on the position of the site in the issuance (hit in the TOP 3 or TOP 10), but on the number and, more importantly, the quality of visitors.


If the usual search engine promotion focuses on high-frequency and mid-frequency requests, the promotion of traffic site is optimized for low-frequency. And their number in this case can reach several hundred, and sometimes thousands. Importantly, the requests that will advance the site can be very different. But because this method is best suited for Internet-shops, information portals, major shopping areas, Bulletin boards, etc.


Optimization under traficului promotion

Any trafikovogo promotion of mandatory starts with quality control of website and its optimization. Here it is important to understand that your site could already be optimized for search engine promotion, it can already be a unique quality content, all tags are registered, errors are corrected. But still-you can not avoid the optimization stage.


The fact that your site was put in order to move it to the TOP issuance of a small number of the most important for you high – and medium-frequency requests. Seo and traffic promotion is held under a large, but low-frequency search phrases.


Optimization for low-frequency keys

Traffic promotion: how to get to the top

It is known that in a low-frequency segment competition is much lower, and therefore on each of such requests it is much easier to appear in top of delivery. In addition, low frequencies are the most accurate requests, because they are used by people who are really interested in your services, products or information.


For example, the request “plastic window” uses both the person who would like to buy and put yourself new Windows, and the one who is looking for information on how to take care of them correctly. And even just a high school student who is looking for information about Windows in General, for example, for the essay! At the same time, the request “to buy plastic Windows in Moscow” in most cases uses a potential buyer, and it is in the city where the company operates. More clarification – the “plastic Windows in Moscow Mytishchi to buy and supply” — uses 100% of your interested customer who is eyeing the service close to home. With such a wide range of low-frequency queries and works trafikovogo promotion.


The stages of optimization

Let’s consider step by step how exactly everything is done.


  1. The extensive semantic kernel including the maximum number of the directions of work of the promoted site is formed.
  2. The analysis of the structure of the site. If necessary, changes are made so that different directions that require different groups of key queries do not appear in the same directory group or site menu.
  3. Changes are made to the content taking into account the updated semantic core, ie, corrected or rewritten completely if necessary, texts, change tags, etc.
  4. Be sure to check the quality of the updated site, no duplicates of pages, updated site map, the project is submitted to the search engines for re-indexing.

If the work on the site at this stage is carried out by professional SEO specialists, its payment is made in the same way as for the classic search engine promotion (ie, stipulated a fixed amount).


Traffic website promotion: the main work

After the completion of the preparatory stage, promotion is carried out in approximately the same way as any search engine:


  • The natural reference mass is growing with the help of articles, publications, responses in forums and in various communities.
  • In social networks advertising is adjusted so that different pages related to different directions are advertised.
  • Contextual advertising on low-frequency requests is purchased.
  • Is buying links through the exchange.

In order that search engines did not pay attention to too big growth of reference weight and did not pessimize (banned) the site, its promotion by traffic is carried out gradually and in several stages. First of all, work is underway with the most important areas, and then comes a series of less interesting and important.


Accuracy and accuracy are very important at this stage. Almost jewelry work.


Traffic website promotion: the main work

promotion sitemenu for this reason, independent trafikovogo website promotion is practiced very rarely. For small and non-commercial projects more than enough of the usual search engine promotion. Often even enough natural exclusively “white” methods. But the work on traffic is interested in large projects with many directions, the owners of which are well aware of how important it is to avoid mistakes in the promotion of the site, and not too limited in the budget.


Website promotion with payment for traffic is profitable

Payment at the main stage of traffic promotion, as mentioned above, is made for visitors. At the same time, regular customers of the store, even if they come through search engines at the usual request, are usually eliminated. Also, the owner of the site will not have to pay for casual visitors who spend 30 seconds or less on the site, i.e. for “failures” in terms of search engines. Traffic promotion of the site is therefore considered to be very profitable in the commercial sector, that the payment is made only for the target visitors, ie. for people who came to the target request and spent a lot of time on the site to study the information.

A significant part of them makes orders or becomes subscribers of the site, as these people were looking in advance for exactly what the project is ready to offer them.

Therefore, the payment for the traffic of the site with this approach becomes the payment of potential and even real customers. As you know, such investments are always repaid handsomely. It is for this reason that the method of traffic promotion is very popular.

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