Trump accused other States and lobbyists of high tariffs on medicines in the USA

Trump accused other States and lobbyists of high tariffs on medicines in the USA

Trump accused other States and lobbyists of high tariffs on medicines in the USA


The President of the USA Donald trump accused of high tariffs on South American medicines other States and American lobbyists working on behalf of the district drug industry.


“When foreign governments pull in the highest degree of low cost with American drug companies, Yankees need to pay more in order to subsidize the huge price of development and production,” trump said, speaking in a Snow — white house.


“It’s not fair, it’s simple fun, and this more will not. I have given the shopping adept USA Robert Leitheiser resolution, so that the correction of this injustice was the main value for every trade negotiations”, — said the President of the United States.


Trump also said, in fact, that the industry uses lobbyists for this, in order to preserve today’s unacceptable state of Affairs. “Last year, the drug lobby spent $ 280 million on lobbyists-more than tobacco, oil and defense lobbies taken together. Another 200 million they spent on it in order to defend the status quo and save the cost of artificial origin level,” said trump.


According to its texts, the current government will take a number of measures in front of a number of manufacturers.


“We do not intend to reward those who every day inflate prices,” said trump.


He explained actually that he wants to remove the middlemen and to implement more rigorous negotiations on compensation of cost of medicines municipal insurance funds. Apart from this, according to trump, the us patent system will defend not monopolies, but buyers, and the authorities will accelerate the process of licensing of fresh medicines. Only last year were approved within 1 thousand generics-more inexpensive analogues of” branded ” substances, trump explained.


Snow-white housing distributed explanatory materials, in which he stated that the USA spends more money per capita on medicines than all States of the organization for financial cooperation and development (OECD). According to the statistics of snow-White housing, buyers in the USA provide up to 70% of the income of the drug industry in the OECD countries.


Apart from this, manufacturing companies every day replace patents, in order to support small changes to defend copyrights to the creation of pharmaceutical brands and not to allow cheap analogues to the Bazaar-generics, reports Snow-white house. The government put forward within 20 services to lower tariffs for medicines, covering those main measures, of which mentioned in his speech trump.


The government relies on these measures to save hundreds of millions of dollars for the people of the United States. So, only one of the changes in the old Yankee Medicare health insurance Fund will give savings of up to 320 million dollars a year, suggest in a snow-White home.

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