Trump accused the former Director of the FBI in violation of the law

Trump accused the former Director of the FBI in violation of the law

Trump accused the former Director of the FBI in violation of the law


The President of the USA, Donald trump said, in fact that was not declassified records that have come in communication with him, ex-FBI Director James Komi Republic, and Komi Republic failed to comply with the law, having betrayed them to the public.


Earlier, the Ministry of justice of the USA gave to the lower house of Congress copies of several articles that Komi did during conversations with trump before his dismissal from the post of FBI leaders. These records are considered part of the investigation, which leads the office of special Prosecutor Robert Mueller about the likely interference of the Russian Federation in the South American elections in 2016. Legislators urged that they be given the chance to become familiar with them.


However in that same day or the contents of these documents were seen in the media. Trump immediately blamed the leak in the Komi Republic.


“James Comey’s records are classified, I didn’t declassify them. They belong to the government! He didn’t comply with the law! In addition, he completely came up with almost all of this, as he talks, I said, and he has justified, in fact, what is considered a liar and the Creator of leaks. Where are the recordings of Clinton, Lynch and others?”- wrote on Saturday trump in his own Twitter.


In particular, in one of the notes it was told that trump actually said Komi, in fact that once Russian President Vladimir Putin seemed to tell him that “in Russia there are beautiful prostitutes in the world”. This was not confirmed by Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, saying, in fact, that the President of the Russian Federation “did not have the opportunity to chat and did not say.”


This week there was a book of memories Komi ” the Highest level of loyalty. Not all, is untrue and leadership” (“a Higher Loyalty. Truth, Lies, and Leadership”), where he compared trump to the mafia, which insistently asks commitments to be faithful. Trump called this book “third-rate” and said, in fact, that its Creator is lying.


Komi was appointed Director of the FBI in 2013 on the proposal of President Barack Obama. In 2016, during the election campaign in the USA, Komi was at the center of the scandal, when it investigated the work of former Secretary of state and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Initially, the FBI did not find criminal intent in the fact that Clinton used an individual mail server for state correspondence. But shortly before the election, the investigation was resumed and restored in the opened incidents. Later, Clinton stated, in fact that in what amount the effects of the FBI led to its defeat.


Trump, joining the President’s opportunities, left Komi in office, but in may 2017 he dismissed, calling it “an ineffective leader”. The enemies of the country’s leaders associated this with the investigation of the” Russian intervention “in the elections in the USA and the” Russian ” connections trump environment, which led the FBI. Komi himself later said, in fact that trump begged him for loyalty in the context of this investigation.


The investigation of the imputed Russian interference in the South American elections, and even the alleged trump ties with the Russian Federation, which deny the snow-White housing and the Kremlin, is conducted by the Autonomous special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, and in both houses of Congress. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov called the accusations of interference in the elections ” certainly unfounded.”


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