Uber has shown the work of service “flying taxi” Elevate

Uber has shown the work of service "flying taxi" Elevate

The cost of flight Elevate is comparable with a trip on Uber, the company counts on.
Uber introduced the concept of service “flying cab” Elevate. A taxi will roam between sites Uber Skyport on the roofs of skyscrapers, and to cause the transport to go to the landing pad will be using the mobile app.


Uber said they plan to test a “flying taxi” in Los Angeles in 2020. The company has previously announced plans to test the new technology in Dubai, Dallas and Fort worth.
The Uber representatives said that the cost of the flight taxis will Elevate comparable trip on UberX fare. It will help the company to make the services of air taxi available before the Olympic games in Los Angeles 2028, said Uber.


The company also told about the beginning of cooperation with NASA. The project Elevate, the partners plan to develop a system of control of transport, flying at low altitude.
Uber Elevate is developing a transport vertical take-off and landing. In February 2017, the project was headed by a former NASA engineer mark Moore.


Uber has shown the work of service "flying taxi" Elevate

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