War for the Planet of the Apes Trailer (2017)


In the continuation of the franchise “planet of the apes 3: War” planned confrontation between the Colonel and Caesar. The ruthless leader of people has long been preparing for confrontation with the leader of the monkey Kingdom. The chimp was forced to fight with their animal instincts, which sometimes prevented him from rationally govern. He would have wanted this war the least. But the determination of the leader of the Earth leads to armed battle. It can affect the fate of several hundred thousand monkeys and people. Caesar didn’t start the war. He offered them peace and was merciful to the soldiers. But now a man has come to put an end to his own kind forever.


The history of humanity summed up the Colonel at this point. The irony is that the apes of man have created those who are ultimately willing to destroy them. Therefore, we can say that they are punished for it. This will be the last battle. If they are defeated, then Earth will become a planet of the apes. The human race has degraded and remained in small numbers. But even this handful of soldiers are ready to fight back the animals who want to enslave them.


A devastating blow can be struck at any time. The action will not take place in the friendliest environment for furry aliens. The main battles will take place in snow-covered icy areas in the abandoned forests of Scandinavia. The weather will act against orangutan and his friends. Will be left untouched, and spiritual relations between the members of related species. Besides, chimpanzees are guarded by a little girl, who was picked up in the previous part. It can become a kind of bridge between the warring parties. But will the opponents go to reconciliation or will they continue the bloody and ruthless confrontation?

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