Warfare 1944

Warfare 1944


We offer you an interesting strategic game in which You will have the opportunity to show their tactical skills. The event takes place in 1944 during the great Patriotic war, namely the allied landing in Normandy.


Play area Warfare 1944 is an area that is divided into 3 blocks, each of which may contain a shelter for soldiers. The goal of each mission is to reach enemy territory, destroying enemy forces.


Fighters Warfare 1944:


a detachment of light infantry weapons – rifle, use it against light infantry of the enemy, when confronted with the enemy in the armor to become cannon fodder;
a squad of stormtroopers, they are good on rough terrain, against the armor of the already Choate, we can, but not much;
the heavy – infantry killer;
a detachment of grenadiers – punches armored podrazdeleniya enemy;
the detachment with mortar;
the officer may request artillery or aircraft, increases the morale of the troops;
the tank is a killing machine, weak against attack from the air;
In the course of completing missions You will earn battle points which can be spent on improving skills and ensuring soldiers.

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