Watch: the trailer the second of the “Valerian and city of a thousand stars”

Watch: the trailer the second of the “Valerian and city of a thousand stars”

After “Nikita”, “Leon”, “fifth element”, “Lucy” and other will hit in the new world of Luc Besson’s new film, which also promises to become a virtuoso of imagination and blockbuster. This time it was “Valerian and the city of stars” that handles the popular French comic book from the sixties, which together have created. Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude. This happens in-28 and follows the mission of two special agents in the future, departing from the mission of the Minister of defence to the city in secret, and it should save her and her people, maybe even the entire universe .


A pair of agents plays Dane Dee Han model car Devlin, last year he played the arch-villain in command of the suicide and moved to the side of good. More participants, team eclectic: Rihanna, John Goodman, Ethan hawke, hour, Herbie Hancock, Clive Owen, Alan Saturday and tiny, also a model – Israeli Noam frost.


The film is here, released in July, and until then you are invited to watch the trailer, new, full His to create the impression that in this case, Besson has managed to create a festive event with colorful and creative.


Смотреть: трейлер второй из «Валериана и города тысячи звезд»


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