Website optimization for mobile devices: an application or adaptive layout?

Cons of the mobile version

Website optimization for mobile devices: an application or adaptive layout?

Today, site optimization for mobile devices is necessary for almost any project, because the resource that is not displayed on mobile devices, loses a significant number of visitors.


In today’s world, oversaturated with information technology, there are several approaches to creating a mobile version of the site. Some experts recommend to make separate mobile applications, others advise to have two versions of the site (normal and mobile), and others choose as a universal solution option adaptive layout Is to understand what is more profitable, and in some cases.


Mobile version of the site: pros and cons

A separate mobile version of the site is a traditional solution. It is used from the first days of the mobile Internet. This method involves the creation of, in fact, two separate sites — for large screens and mobile interface. Both of these sites use the same common database, and therefore the information on them is almost 100% repeated, except when the owners of the project deliberately do not display any pages or infoblocks in the mobile version of the site.


In this case, different versions of the site will be displayed under different addresses. Normal version, for example, will be “” then the mobile – “”.


Advantages of the mobile version

In principle, this traditional solution remains popular today for the following reasons:


  1. The ability to use any version of the design for web sites.
  2. The mobile version looks usually simpler. There are often no unnecessary pictures or buttons. This speeds up the download of the site to devices with low Internet speed.
  3. You can decide for yourself what part of the information to show users mobile or web versions, and what-not. That is, even the information on the pages of the website may be different if this is why you will need.
  4. Often mobile versions come complete with design templates. And in CMS there is already a ready site optimization for mobile devices: a plug-in built into the system allows you to manage different versions even without the help of a programmer. What further reduces the cost of such a solution.

Cons of the mobile version

Cons of the mobile version

mobile version autonomie disadvantages of the mobile version is a combination of a relatively high cost, inconvenient when promoting a website:


  1. Mobile design will have to be paid separately. However, it is not so expensive. But if you also need to adapt some special interactive features, the price of the mobile version increases dramatically.
  2. The search optimization of the mobile version of the site becomes more complicated, and it will be more difficult to work with the web version. The fact is that search engines will perceive your project not as one site with two design options, but as – almost different sites. There is a problem of traffic separation, which reduces the attendance and usefulness of the resource for search engines. It will be necessary to solve the problem of duplication of content and other issues related to the optimization of the mobile version of the site.


Since mobile traffic has become very noticeable influence on search results, difficulties with the promotion of this type of sites began to outweigh the benefits of such a solution. And because of the creation of separate versions for small screens are increasingly denied.


Application for Android, iOS, Windows Phone

Site optimization for mobile phones through the creation of special mobile applications is mainly used by large projects. It can be social networks, banking programs, etc.


Application for Android, iOS, Windows Phone

the website SmarTone it is important to understand that apps written for a particular operating system. The program, created under Android device on the IPhone will not work. And vice versa.


Therefore, this method of providing access to the project of tablets and smartphones involves, most often, the creation of 3 separate programs — for popular operating systems: Android, iOS and Windows phone.


The advantages of mobile apps for smartphones and tablets

The mobile application is very convenient for both the user and the project owners:


  1. Access to the resource the user receives by pressing a single button, unlike the sites that open in the browser.
  2. Applications allow you to use the interactive interface to the maximum, and the traffic is used optimally. There is an exchange of only the necessary data. Design and all tools are already available in the phone. And are updated only as the versions of the application are updated.
  3. The project owner may wish to build into the program some additional paid features and make a profit from their sale.
  4. The application is a program downloaded to your smartphone or tablet, which can be built in addition to the basic functionality, tools for collecting detailed statistics. Thus, the owner of the application gets an excellent marketing tool for studying the interests and needs of users.


Disadvantages of the mobile application for the site

But with all its advantages, mobile applications are used very rarely. They can be seen only for large projects (social networks, services of purchase and sale such as Avito, etc.), as well as specialized projects (banking, taxi, gaming applications). The reasons for this restriction:


  1. Disadvantages of the mobile application for the sitewebsite optimization for planshetnika cost. Working on creating applications is difficult, time – consuming and time-consuming.
  2. The need for constant maintenance also increases the cost of such a project, and, in the long term.
  3. The lack of interaction with search engines. Not always, but-often users of mobile applications in the “traffic site traffic” are not taken into account.


As you can see, the disadvantages are very significant, especially for blog owners or sites without a large budget.


And because in such cases, mobile site optimization through the application is not even considered.


Adaptive layout

It is a modern solution with each passing day it becomes more and more popular. The idea is that the design is not just “rubber”, but it is able to adapt to different sizes of screens.


This result is achieved thanks to the block layout, which allows, if necessary, to shift the information blocks in one way or another. So, if your site is opened on a large screen, you show the menu-on the left or on top (as you like), the information will be located, for example, on three lanes, etc.


Adaptive layout

mobile versino is the visitor to enter from the screen of the mobile device and triggers an adaptive website optimization for telephone:


  1. The site asks the mobile device for screen sizes.
  2. Depending on the answer, the sizes of the “cap” and some pictures change, other blocks are shifted so that the user is comfortable.


Thus, the website described in the example above on the tablet will look like a website with two bands of information blocks (the third moves downwards), and on the mobile phone the information bar can be left alone. The menu can also” move”or even hide (“pop-up menu on the left” is familiar to mobile users).


It is this site optimization for mobile phones is most welcome by search engines, as it allows you to avoid duplication of pages and traffic separation. And Google in General officially declares that in mobile search results sites with adaptive design have advantages.


Website optimization for the mobile Internet: lessons

Of course, any site optimization for your phone is a job for professionals. Even if you put yourself a plugin to work with the mobile version of the site, the solution of issues related to the duplication of information, for example, will still require the help of a specialist. Not even every designer and coder will be able to create an adaptive layout. Therefore, the best solution for optimizing the site for phones is to contact the professionals who will tell you which of the methods will be best in your case.

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