Website promotion in google.

Website promotion in google.

Website promotion in google.

If you want to learn how to promote the site yourself, then most likely, you have already realized that immediately after the publication of the site on the Internet, no one will go to it. The fact is that the new resource needs promotion. Nowadays, there are many different ways to attract visitors, but this article is about the most popular of them – the promotion of the site in the google search engine.


When forming the issuance of google take into account many different factors, that is, analyzing their totality, decide whether the site is worthy to take a high position. According to its ideology gives visitors only high-quality resources that meet the interests of the target audience.


Today, the share of the world’s largest search engine in the Russian market is about 22%, compared to 64% in Yandex. As for the market of contextual advertising, the profit of Yandex for the year is about 7,6 billion rubles, Google in the area of 2,2 billion. it Is worth saying that every year competition from Google increased and is likely to occur in subsequent years.


Due to the increase in Google performance in Russia, this search engine is becoming more and more attractive as a source of attracting new traffic, and therefore visitors to the site. Accordingly, more and more often you can hear the question: “how to promote and promote your site in Google?”.


promotion of the site in Google today is not only a little help to advance in Yandex, but also a certain look and a step into the future, when the world search leader will take its place on an equal basis with the Russian system, and perhaps it will surpass in terms of audience and financial returns.


Depending not on the professionalism and methods of the optimizer, the success of such a process as website promotion in Google will have the web resource that really has value in the eyes of the user. A feature of the promotion of sites in this search engine is considered to be PageRank document that is being promoted. The successful promotion of the site is due to the high level of PageRank.


Google uses a more complex ranking algorithm, than Yandex. Indexing is influenced by more than 20 different factors — from the hierarchy of the site to the trust of the resources referring to it. For example, the promotion of sites created recently in the Google search system is complicated by the features of the filter “sandbox”.


Features of website promotion in Google.

1) the Importance of individual pages. Google is more important than the page, not the entire domain. Of course, Google certainly has a level of trust in the project itself. But if you have an advanced page on a young site, it is likely that you will be in the Top. Actually, maybe that’s why Yandex TIC applies to the entire domain, and google PageRank for each page.


2) before carrying out external optimization of the site, you need to take care of the internal. Google likes large and unique texts, broken into pieces. Not that Yandex does not like such content, but in its issuance there are often small materials. That is, if you take the average amount of text in the top ten search engines, it turns out that in Google it will be more.


3) when promoting to Google it will be useful to increase the internal weight of the promoted page. This is done either by internal relinking or by making a cross-reference.


4) Snippet in this search engine, it is often taken from the meta-tag description. Therefore, it is possible to manipulate the content of extradition. Enticing text with the obligatory presence of key words will help you to increase CTR from search.


5) Google loves slightly overoptimize texts. Therefore, the density of keywords may be higher than, for example, in Yandex. But, again, there is no formula. 1% keyword, 20% of key words is no longer working. You should try to indicate the importance of the promoted request on the page, but not to the detriment of readability for users.


6) Great influence of links on ranking in Google. They pretty much affect the position. It is often said that it is enough to buy links to the page, and it will be in the right Top. And not always these links should be of excellent quality. Google loves direct entry promoted more queries than diluted.


7) Promoting the site in Google, you need to consider quite an old but interesting nuance. Google only takes into account the first reference in the document. It is necessary to remember it and at internal optimization of a site and at external.


8) Thematic affiliation of the site from which the link to the promoted resource is put is not so important. Google links work on any subject. But if you promote for the future, it is better to take care of references from close-by projects.


9) If Yandex is a reference and text updates, at Google to notice them is impossible. The position of the site can change in a day many times. Because of this, it is said that the results Google is shaking.

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