Website promotion with eternal links. What to buy them?

Website promotion with eternal links. What to buy them?

Website promotion with eternal links.

Eternal links is a links purchased for eternity, forever. The site where You bought the eternal link places a link to the eternal period of its existence, with a single payment. The cost of eternal links is much more expensive than those links that are purchased with monthly placement. But the effect of placing eternal links will be a hundred times better than the usual.


Why eternal links better than usual?

1. With the usual links, there are a number of problems. As a rule, search engines easily identify purchase links and impose sanctions on link sites: Google deprives PR sites, and Yandex removes pages with links from its index.


2. Eternal links in a more natural and could potentially be surrounded by text on the desired topic (if promoting not too lazy to look for good sites that sell eternal links).


3. Potentially eternal links are more efficient than normal purchase. After all, the longer the link is on the site, the more it transfers weight.


Every webmaster who is engaged in the promotion of the site, sooner or later asks himself 2 questions — “Where to buy cheap eternal links?“and” and by what principle to buy?“. This is quite logical questions, because ignorance of the answers to them is fraught with the most serious consequences, ranging from the threat to throw their money to the wind, ending banned site.


Why buy eternal links?

Promotion on request. As you progress through the queries of cheap eternal links to use actual woofer, midrange and low competitive keywords. To promote high-frequency queries, I would recommend to use a cheap eternal links in proportion to the links from trust resources.


Lifting the TIC. To raise the TIC cheap eternal links this is what the doctor ordered. Compared to saposcol needle, as for TIC, You need to pay each month, paying the rent references, cheap eternal links option is more reliable and economical. Also an additional advantage is that TCI is much easier to raise eternal links from sites that do not sell in Sapa.


The benefits of eternal links:


  1. They quickly pay for themselves.
  2. Appropriate text for the message.
  3. Natural.
  4. Guaranteed indexing.

Some reason to believe that links better to rent rather than to buy them forever. If someone thinks so, it would be interesting to hear the arguments and discuss the pros and cons.


Where to buy eternal links?

You can buy eternal links in the posts using Plus Blogun — service time-tested and works like a clock. Minus Blogun-too many bad sites, dishonest webmasters/bloggers and scripts running on the machine.


You can buy eternal links in the articles on the exchange Plus Lieksa — the ability to configure filters and to buy eternal links only to those sites that need it. Minus Lieksa — often terribly slow interface (most likely from the fact that too many people use it).


You can buy eternal links in the posts using Plus, hotellings — a lot of really good sites. Minuses it is not noticed.


GoGetLinks-offers a choice of 3 types of links:

1. Note – the webmaster writes a note, 1-3 sentences using key words.
2. Contextual link – the Webmaster writes an article under Your link, or selects a place in already existing articles on your site and puts them in Your link.
3. Link-picture-Webmaster adds a picture or uses an existing picture as a link to your website.



Website promotion with eternal links. What to buy them?

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