What is search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization – a set of measures to raise the position of the site in the results of the issuance of search engines for specific user requests. Usually, the higher the position of the site in the search results, the more interested visitors go to it from the search engines. When analyzing the effectiveness of search engine optimization, the cost of the target visitor is estimated taking into account the time of the site withdrawal to the specified positions and the conversion of the site to which the target visitors are attracted.


All factors affecting the position of the site in the issuance of the search engine can be divided into external and internal. Work on optimization involves working with internal factors (under the control of the owner of the website) — bringing the text and markup in accordance with the selected queries, improving the quality and quantity of text on the site, stylistic design of text (headings, bold type), improving structure and navigation, using interior links, as well as external factors.


External factors are divided into static and dynamic. Static external factors determine the relevance of the site based on the citation of its external web resources, as well as their credibility regardless of the text of the citation. Dynamic external factors determine the relevance of the site based on the citation of its external web resources and their credibility depending on the text of the citation.


Search engine optimization — the process

Search engine optimization of the Internet site involves a large number of texts on the site containing key queries. For example, if the site construction subjects (sale of building materials), roughly speaking, it requires 10 texts of 1,500 characters, divided into 4 paragraphs each containing 8-10 occurrences of keys such as “sale of building materials”, “building materials wholesale”, “cheap building materials”. Key entry-the use of a keyword in a text segment.


Usually the keys are placed away from each other so that their density in the text is optimal. You also need the text on the main page of the site – 2-3 thousand characters, containing key queries to the maximum, ie in full. Key queries can be low-frequency, mid-frequency, or high-frequency. In addition to such articles containing a large number of occurrences of keys (so-called SEO-content), for search engine optimization you need articles advertising the site, creating a positive image (they do not belong to SEO-content). SEO content will be a dead weight without “live” advertising and information texts.


Search engine optimization involves creating links between pages of the site for an active transition, and it affects the navigation of the site (creating a good interface that encourages visitors to actively explore the site) plus affects the internal code of the pages (html-code, ie.set of tags and words and php-code, ie scripting programming language). The task of search engine optimization is to form such a core of queries (keys), which would be equally convenient for this search engine (query processing by search engines) and Internet users who enter these queries.


Improved optimization of the website.

Before you start working, you should consider under what search engine you will form key queries – Google, Yandex, Rambler or some other. Successful search engine optimization will allow you at the lowest financial cost to get the maximum inflow of customers to your site. Most inexperienced site owners resort only to the method of filling the texts of the site with key queries – now there are many methods of much more effective work on the promotion of the site.


In the beginning, the so-called semantic core of the site is formed. Semantic kernel is a list of the search queries (search queries and visits to your website are recorded by these independent systems of Internet-statistics as LiveInternet, Google Analytics). The user’s work in the Internet is carried out through search queries, which he enters the search bar. For example,” Christopher Columbus “or”feint named after Alexander Ovechkin.” The fact that the user goes to a particular site – not an accidental hit. The location of the links that appear is the result of a strict pattern.


In order not to be mistaken with key queries, I recommend to explore the core of search engine queries and analyze the presence of key occurrences of sites of your competitors, if you promote a product or service. Statistics on search engine queries are provided by special computational programs. The result of this work is as follows: you have a core of requests, based on which you carry out further promotion of the site (if we are talking about a site for the sale of building materials, then you will have a lot of competitors and compete for at least 7-10 positions in the lines of the search engine – a difficult task).Ensure search engine optimization of the website were “white,” i.e., legal methods, otherwise you risk to fall under sanctions search engines.


Optimization method

Optimization methods can be divided into two classes, but the latest developments in the world of search engines make it clear that this division is very conditional — any manipulation of certain parameters of the site can be regarded by the search engine as a highly undesirable effect on its results. Thus, any attempt to manipulate search results is expressly prohibited in the license to use the search engine “Yandex”. White optimizers and marketers use Yandex’s recommendations to create “good” websites[1]. Thus, promote the site without violating the rules of search engines.


White optimization.

White optimization — optimizatorskih work on the resource without the use of officially banned each search engine methods of promotion resource — with no impact on search algorithms sites. This includes working on the site itself, namely on internal navigation and content, and working with the external environment of the site, that is, promoting an optimized site through reviews, press releases, registration in social bookmarks, affiliate programs, etc.with links to the site. It should be noted that Yandex warns that if any method of optimism is not officially prohibited, It does not mean that it can be used.

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