What is search relevance and why is it important

What does it mean to sort by relevance

What is search relevance and why is it important

Relevance (from the English. “relevant”, i.e. “related to the subject”) is a measure of the conformity of the document to the thematic query, or the expectations and needs of the user. The higher the relevance of queries, the more pages you see satisfy your information needs.


Example: what is the relevance

Let’s say we typed “search engine relevance”in the search box. In the issuance, we see links to sites where it is told about the search engine promotion and the work of the relevant algorithms search engines. We get the answer to the question, ie, for what and went into the search. Users are happy with the results meets their needs.


If the results would be, for example, a description of what does the word relevance from the point of view of non-classical logic, then this reference is irrelevant. And, most likely, in the near future it will be removed from the top search engine on the selected request.


This sometimes happens after the initial analysis of the correspondence of words in the text of the page to the specified parameters. This bug is corrected relatively quickly based on the analysis of behavioral factors. Why this happens and how search engines generally analyze documents and determine their content, let’s understand in more detail.


How is the relevance of the issue

Search engines develop special algorithms for analyzing text information to determine the subject and appropriate search queries. This takes into account the content on the page, search tags (title, description), the content of the tags “alt” in the pictures.


How is the relevance of the issue

First of all, search bots compare queries with sample documents stored in the search index. If the number of repetitions of the words correspond to the subject from the point of view of the relevancy algorithm selection, page goes to results.


Importantly. The number of “key phrases” (the search query) must not exceed certain indicators that fall within the concept of “natural” from the point of view of search engines. If you exceed the number of duplicates, the page may even fall out of the search due to “search spam.”


The optimal density of key phrases is 2-6% of the total volume of the document. A smaller number of repetitions will cause the search engine to” miss “thematic”keys.” More, on the contrary, with a high probability to be classified as “spam”.


But the concept of relevance even for bots is somewhat wider than the density of occurrence of certain phrases. Algorithms of analysis of the topics of the texts is getting harder and “smarter.” They define both the naturalness of the content and the General theme without taking into account the key phrases. Therefore attempt to add in random article search queries no longer work. On the contrary, they cause a decrease in the position of the site.


The best solution is to write interesting, useful and natural texts for people. Then search engines will not be no claims to him, in particular, from the point of view of relevancy of data.


Behavioral factor

Behavioral factor

In the case where the relevance of search results is initially determined incorrectly (as in the example above), the page will be displayed for some time in the “non-target query”, but not for long.


After the initial analysis, search engines begin to track user behavior. And what do you mean relevance? Recall-this is the exact match of the search query. In case of an error in the issue, accidental or as a result of intentional “search spam”, users will start to go to the site with unnecessary information and quickly leave there. Such short visits (less than 30 seconds) search engines are called “failures”.


In the case when the number of failures in the issuance of a particular request is high, the position of the page in the issuance are reduced.


What does it mean to sort by relevance

We figured out how search engines determine the relevant search query. Further all the selected topics document you want to sort.


What does it mean to sort by relevance

The position of the site in the search results is determined by a set of the following factors:


  1. Quality of content: text must be unique, useful, natural. It must contain key phrases. And it is important not only their presence, but also their uniform location, as well as the presence of various word forms. In fact, this combines the addition of” keys ” and the preservation of naturalness and readability.
  2. Meta tags (title and description). They should contain the same queries as the text.
  3. Freshness and relevance of the content. The more often you update information and add new content, the higher the indexing frequency of the project. As a consequence, increase its position in the results.
  4. External reference. To sort results is influenced not only by factors internal optimization, but the presence of an external reference weight, as well as key words that make up the anchor text (the phrase with “hidden” references).


The principle of relevance for the owner of the site includes high-quality site optimization for thematic queries, as well as subsequent search engine optimization, including the use of articles, hidden advertising and other methods of increasing the external reference mass.

Creation of relevant pages

Above we have already defined the criteria that are important for creating a document relevant to search queries. As well as understand how the search engines sort pages, and why some sites are higher and others lower in the search results, although the information there answers the question search.


What to do to be among the leaders? The answer to this question – getting a comprehensive quality search engine website promotion. Of course, you can continue to explore on your own what the relevance is how to optimize the content and any external links should be used to get a positive result and do not fall under the filters of Yandex. If you have one or two sites, and the projects are not commercial, our blog information will help you with this.


But if you are the owner of an online store or other business site, do not waste your precious time on experiments to promote, especially since sometimes they end badly. Entrust your project to professionals and get profit from the site in the shortest possible time!

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