What is the reference ranking

Reference ranking today

What is the reference ranking

In order to understand what reference ranking is, you should start with the basics of search engines. So, each search engine tries to provide users with the maximum completeness of the search, helps to find as many sites with information on the requested subject. But it is not enough to show the maximum of suitable pages, it is also necessary to ensure their correct ranking, i.e. the order of issuance in the search results.


To ensure ranking, each search engine uses its own algorithm to determine the relevance of pages or the extent to which they correspond to the user’s request. Today, many different methods are used to determine relevance at the same time in order to analyze different parameters of an Internet page. And one of them is just reference ranking.


The reference ranking and search quality

The idea of determining the usefulness of a page based on the number of links leading to it is not new. On the basis of such an algorithm, the authority of a scientist is determined in the scientific world: the more other scientists quote his works, the higher the authority.


This approach was taken as a basis when the reference ranking algorithm was created. First, it was used in the Google search engine in the late 90-ies. They introduced the concept of PageRank (page reference rank) for each page, which was determined by analyzing the number of links leading to it.


Naturally, the process of counting the number of links in a huge database search engine – a very laborious process. That is why each page has its own PR, i.e. the number based on the citation of this page. And the search results are formed taking into account this index. Once in a few months, Google recalculates these indices.


The appearance Of the PageRank parameter and ranking based on the citation index has made Google one of the most popular search engines in its time. Over time, and other search engines have introduced similar algorithms, for example, Yandex has introduced a TIC — thematic index of citing.


The rejection of PageRank and its effect on the reference ranking

The rejection of PageRank and its effect on the reference ranking

the development of the Internet and the tightening of competition in the TOP issuance of popular search engines, a huge number of SEO professionals began to use the knowledge about the basics of reference ranking in bad faith.


There was a huge number of “garbage” sites where external links were simply collected, the ranking of which at first was estimated as high as the natural quoting of useful information by users.


Methods of website promotion

Often you could find an article in which just were placed anchors (phrases with links), do not relate to the subject of the site and the text. Search engines are constantly fought and continue to fight with various options cheat link mass and SEOs invent new methods of promotion of sites:


  • “white”, ie fully consistent with the rules of search engines,
  • “gray”, where” holes ” are actively used in the algorithms of search bots,
  • “black”, the use of which is violation of rules and, in case identify, is punished by search ban (Viceroy).

Yandex TICV a result, the index Google PageRank and Yandex TIC (thematic index of citing) began to show incorrect information. In addition, the number of sites is constantly growing, and search bots just do not have time to update the data on the citation site, which also reduces the effectiveness of this system.


As a result of this situation, Google completely reset PR sites in 2015. Yandex also has the TCI is not clear, but the weight in search results from this index are very small. And yet external links continue to be taken into account in the construction of the results of the search results in one and another search engine, but the algorithms and features of new solutions, as usual, are not advertised.


Reference ranking today

In recent years, after the appearance of the Google bot called “Penguin” and Yandex-filter “Minusinsk” cheat reference mass has become a complex and fraught with penalties. Search engines are increasingly learning how to track the usefulness of text and its compliance with key user requests. For this purpose, and would repeal the citation indices. Now the analysis is carried out more carefully, and the results of the search results can change much more often than before.


Reference ranking today

sulochna masspoisoning better detect purchased links, which, unlike natural, are given less “weight”, and with their large numbers, the site can get under the filter, i.e. to be in the “tail” in the search results or excluded from search results altogether.


However, working with the reference mass brings its results, and with accurate and competent placement, even purchase temporary external links to the ranking affect positively. Even more attention is paid today to internal linking (links from one page of the site to another), as well as obtaining natural (permanent) links.


Basic methods of working with reference mass

Today, search engines are more focused on the quality of content on the site, including analyzing the content on the pages where the external link to your site. That is why now they try to avoid the usual links, insert either anchors (text with an active link) into the article, or — a direct link surrounded by text on the subject of your site. This area is dominated by the following decisions:


  • Yandex Minusinsk algorithmparameter placement of internal links, topic-based texts and anchor.
  • Accurate work on the purchase of temporary links. It is believed that the Minusinsk Yandex allow up to 500 external links to the site above – can be sanctioned. For small sites this figure is often reduced to 200 – 250 links. Here opinions of experts differ.
  • Article advertising: placement of interesting and useful articles on third-party resources that contain links to the site, ie, obtaining, thus, the natural reference mass.
  • Hidden advertising: work with forums, social networks, other communities. Here it is important that the link was useful to users, looked like a tip or an example of a solution to a problem. Then moderators do not delete these links, and it is possible to simultaneously receive natural links and direct transitions of visitors from these communities.

As you can see, working with seo in relation to reference ranking in modern conditions should be jewelry, and therefore for self-promotion is best to use only white methods to increase the natural reference weight, and try to avoid buying temporary links. The specialist will be able to help you find the best solution – to determine the usefulness of buying links and correctly calculate the budget, while also not forget about the hidden, article advertising and other methods of attracting visitors.

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