What Veselnitskaya said with investigators of the us Senate on the ” case of the Russian Federation”

What Veselnitskaya said with investigators of the us Senate on the " case of the Russian Federation"

What Veselnitskaya said with investigators of the us Senate on the " case of the Russian Federation"


Defender Svetlana Veselnitskaya, she witnessed the occupation of William Browder, told RIA Announcements about what was said with the investigators of the Senate of the USA during their meeting in the class about the sane Russian intervention in South American elections.


Previously, the associated press Agency, citing informants, their people with the course of their conversation, announced a meeting, which, according to the Agency, was held not so long ago in one of the hotels in Berlin. The interlocutor of the Agency said, in fact, that the three-hour conversation of investigators with a Russian lawyer in the host concerned the dossier on the President of the USA Donald trump, prepared by Glenn Simpson-led company Fusion GPS commissioned by his political enemies. In July 2017, the South American media said, in fact, that the offspring of the President of the USA Donald trump Jr. in June 2016 faced Natalia Veselnitskaya, who seemed to have ties in the Kremlin, waiting for her to compromise on Hillary Clinton, who still claimed the post of President of the United States. Later, trump Jr. said, in fact, that almost no important information from Veselnitskaya was not. The defender herself said later, in fact, that she was ready to provide testimony in the US Senate on the meeting with trump, Jr., if she is provided with security. She also said that she did not discuss the election campaign at the meeting with trump Jr., “she has never acted as an adept of the Russian government” and did not offer dirt on Clinton. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov said, in fact, that the Kremlin does not contain the slightest thing to Veselnitskaya and has never been in contact with her.


On Saturday Veselnitskaya RIA Approved the announcement of a precedent meeting with investigators of the us Senate. According to her texts, the meeting in Berlin was proposed by the South American side, for example, as they did not have the opportunity to promise her security on US land.


Meeting personal temper

In her texts, held the conversation with the investigators of the Senate of the USA was connected with the meeting in June 2016 her meeting with the son of the President of the USA Donald trump Jr.


“My meeting (with trump Jr.-ed.) — certainly personal nature in June 2016, which I organized at my own request, my buyers are not related to the interests of my buyer, which I gave in the United States. It was a meeting with Donald trump Jr. … she never had the slightest cause for any election campaign, neither the personality of Hillary Clinton, nor the personality of its founder, who during this time was not even the only candidate”, — explained Veselnitskaya.


She told, in fact that meeting was the need to assist her to provide testimony in the Congress of the USA “about the monetary offences group (William) Browder and the situation (Sergei) Magnitsky”.


“The meeting touched on most of this, so that I may assist to speak to Congress, statements had to be (on this — ed.) on June 14, that is, through 5 days (after the meeting — ed.) — and to assist, as possible so that more people looked is scheduled for June 13, that is, through 4 days afterwards, this meeting, in the Washington premiere of the movie (Andrew) Nekrasov “Magnitsky Act: behind the scenes”. Here around this situation, all revolve, around this meeting,” said Veselnitskaya. According to her texts, with the submission of the new York Times “last year in July, this meeting was presented as a share of collusion between Russia and trump.”


“And then have versions of all there is the ocean crawl. Whether I came, the dirt on Hillary Clinton brought, whether I brought the dirt on trump, blackmailed him, so he postponed the punishment. In General, they have themselves become obsolete as cockroaches in a barrel,” — said Veselnitskaya.


Steel file

Defender Svetlana Veselnitskaya previously acted in the Tver court of the Capital as an eyewitness to the charges of occupation founder of the Hermitage Capital William Browder. Browder provoked criminal prosecution of her buyer-Russian businessman Denis Katsyv. Veselnitskaya came to the Tribunal at the request of prosecutors. William Browder is an international financier and trader, in the past, the employer of the auditor Sergei Magnitsky, whose death in the capital’s pre-trial detention center has had a great response. In 1995-2007, Browder was the largest foreign portfolio investor in Russia, he lives in London in real time and was announced by the Russian Federation in international search. Browder was sentenced in absentia in Russia to 9 years of imprisonment for “lesson Magnitsky”. The Tribunal found that, in fact, in 1997-2002, Magnitsky had embodied Browder’s interests in the illegal scheme of tax evasion by using companies registered in Kalmykia and managed by Hermitage Capital.


“2 the point, why my personality is there (in the USA — ed.) is considered a person non grata and of which it keeps alive desire. With me 2 years worked on the case of Browder, we were in the US, and that we are safely blocked, and Glenn Simpson as a prospector and analyst. And suddenly, the fact that the 2nd exclusively giant probably share — that’s that throughout the investigation (spectracolor Robert) Muller and all 4 committees of the Congress, is Steele dossier. If this contains the ratio of Glenn Simpson,” said Veselnitskaya.


Earlier, the new York Times wrote, in fact, that the adherents of the Democratic party of the USA and the enemies of trump between Republicans in 2015, when the billionaire was a presidential contender, hired a research company Fusion GPS, headed by Glenn Simpson, to compile a dossier on trump, where would reflect his helplessness and scandals related to the case in real estate. In June 2016, Simpson hired a former British MI6 agent Christopher Steele. The anonymous document States that “domestic agents” own compromising information about trump. The document was posted online by BuzzFeed. The dossier provoked a mixed reaction. The website that published the dossier was separated from its content, and the White house categorically did not confirm the creators ‘ statements. “Accordingly, I did my own specialist and posted (it — ed.) to the investigator, the investigator was quite interested in my dealings with Glenn Simpson, and he said, such as I believe, exactly what Glenn Simpson is the great analyst, he any of its text regulates and inspects. But actually what I read is anonymous, different font with the violation of the numbering and dates in the likeness of the dossier, — nothing except a Homeric laughter, not causes. This is not the work of Glenn Simpson, Simpson, for example, does not report, for example, does not prepare and for example does not work with information,” — said the defender.


In her texts, Veselnitskaya told investigators the fact that for example called Steele-the dossier was “placed under Glenn Simpson for it, in order to demoralize in the matter of Browder”.


No reason

As Veselnitskaya believes, Browder is considered to be only a pawn, while behind him are “the interests of the state Department and serious monetary structures”, for whom it is fundamental that the Affairs of the Russian Federation and the USA “were not adjusted.” “Because only they will be adjusted, USA, in the end, you begin to wonder, and such as came, what they in fact became law (Magnitsky — ed.) no test (grounds on which a law was passed — ed.)”, — said Veselnitskaya.


Earlier, Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika told in an interview to NTV, in fact that the “Magnitogorsk law” is adopted from the filing and texts of Browder and his subordinates without any preparatory test.


Subsequently, the concert of the investor in the South American Congress legislators voted for the creation of for example referred to as “the list Magnitsky”. In the beginning, he was focused in front of the persons accused of involvement in the death of Sergei Magnitsky, a lawyer of the Hermitage Capital investment Fund, who died in the “sailor’s silence”. In the dark list were the adherents of the Russian law enforcement agencies, the arbitrator, the FSIN and the tax Inspectorate. They were banned from entering the States and recorded blocking their monetary assets in U.S. banks. In 2016, the law was amended. In the dark list was likely to bring people not only Russia but also every state. According to Veselnitskaya’s opinion, if the South American party carries out test of the reasons on which this law was adopted, States will notice, actually that it “through the forged history”. “And people (standing behind Browder-an edition) elementary tried to conceal own offenses not so much on the lands of the Russian Federation as on the lands of the USA. Just for data purposes, they got here and the political establishment, and law-enforcement structure of the United States, well, and then went on tour around the world… just the people who framed all these years and could help the team Browder to legalize this situation (with the Magnitsky legislation — ed.), framed with care and warmth of the Christopher Steele,” explained Veselnitskaya.


The conclusions of the meeting

Veselnitskaya, in her text, between the rest of the investigators were called certain names. As she States, the share of the testimony of the investigators, not paying attention to audioproduktion, “run wrote by hand”.


“All interference in the elections in the USA now nocreditcheckstudentloan around this Steele dossier. And I, according to it, to investigators stated, actually that Steele-dossier is a fake, explained to them why it is a fake, on certain cases. I expressed everything I wanted to say, they thanked me, and that’s all. At present they prepare protocols of transcripts which will be considered as an official part of their investigation”, — Veselnitskaya concluded.


The investigation of the alleged Russian interference in the South American elections, and even trump’s alleged ties with the Russian Federation, which deny snow-White housing and the Kremlin, is conducted by the Autonomous special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, and in both houses of Congress. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov called the accusations of interference in the elections ” certainly unfounded.”

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